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Learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City

Jonathan Smythe

As a new hero, you should know about those who have come before you. I think you need to learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City. It will be a short history lesson, but an important one.

Go read the plaque under the statue of Atlas. He was a great man, and the city remains thankful to him to this day. Atlas Park is named in his honor, you know.

Part 1: Read Atlas' plaque
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Atlas' Plaque

This statue commemorates the heroic death of the mighty Atlas. On December 7th, 1941, the Forces of the original 5th Column launched a surprise attack on Paragon City. Atlas single-handedly fought back a large group of advancing 5th Column soldiers, and prevented them from gaining a foothold beyond Independence Port. His brave sacrifice held the area until the Freedom Phalanx arrived and drove back the invaders.

Jonathan Smythe

Atlas was a great man. He protected the city from a devastating surprise attack in 1941 by the 5th Column. Without his sacrifice, who knows how many lives might have been lost? I've noticed many people pause in the shadow of his great statue; it's as if they feel safer there.

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