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Talk to Iris Parker about the Zombie attacks

Jonathan Smythe

Welcome to SERAPH, Scientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans. It's come to our attention recently that individuals are being pulled off the streets by creatures that can only be described as zombies. Normally this would be MAGI's bailiwick, but they say they've seen no new mystic residue lately. I think these zombies may have been created by medical means. Fascinating, yes?

There's an elderly lady named Iris Parker who witnessed one of the assaults. I'd like you to talk to Mrs. Parker about the zombie attacks.

Do let me know what you find. I can only imagine the foul den these creatures come from!

Part 1: Talk to Iris Parker
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Iris Parker

I was walking back from the grocery store, when out from the sewer a horrible creature appeared. Its flesh was rotted and grey, and its skin was covered in stitches. I feared for my life, but the creature ignored me. It grabbed Alex Carter, a newsstand owner near where I live, and dragged him into the sewer! I'll gladly tell you where this nightmare occurred, if you could rescue that poor dear.

Part 2: Defeat all zombies in sewer (Find Harold Crichton)
Sewers @ Atlas Park Vahzilok

The foul odour you smell could not possibly be from sewage alone.

Mission Complete: You found Harold Crichton and defeated his abductors.

Jonathan Smythe

They were handling this Harold Crichton fellow with care, eh? That could mean a lot of things, and most of them aren't good. I want to know more about this 'doctor' they mentioned. I hope I can count on you to help me investigate.

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