• CategoryOther
  • ContactsEfficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)
  • Level Range45 - 50
  • Badge Efficiency Expert You have proven yourself efficient by succeeding at all of Mr. Pither's timed tasks.

Kick Longbow out of base

Efficiency Expert Pither

I've just received word that Longbow has captured one of our bases here in the Rogue Isles. Arachnos has clamped down on computer access to systems outside the base, but we need to send someone inside to sever the conection before they can upload the database to a Freedom Corps server stateside. Make sure that whatever heroes those Longbow jerks have with them don't make it back either. They will be done uploading the database in 30 minutes, so you'd best hurry up. You have 30 minutes to retake the base.

They have just started the upload, so you have 30 minutes to sever the connection and take down those Longbow heroes.

Part 1: Kick Longbow out of base - 30:00 (4 uploads to disrupt, 2 heroes to defeat)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

Longbow is already uploading data. Cut it off as soon as possible.

Objective: You have successfully severed the upload to the Freedom Corp servers.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the heroes and stopped the data upload.

Efficiency Expert
Awarded for completing all 5 of Efficiency Expert Pither's timed missions
Efficiency Expert Pither

That was a close one. There wasn't much of Arachnos' operations in that data, but there was enough to set us back for a while. Thanks for making sure that stayed out of the hands of the do-gooders.

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