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RSVP for an ambush


I have a little something for you to do, Red Tomax. It's kind of complicated, but because of that it's really pretty simple. You see, certain mutual friends of ours are quite upset that some of their plans have been discovered, so they've decided to set a trap. However, I know that it's a trap, and I must assume that they know I know it's a trap. So really, it's more of an invitation. An invitiation to an ambush. Shall I send your RSVP?

Just so you know, they've set up a whole 'kidnapped celebrity' cover as the draw for you. There aren't any, so it's not something to worry about. However, there are a whole lot of dangerous people waiting to hurt you very badly. Your goal is simple: take them all out. oh, and do play along some if you get the chance. That should help to really freak them out.

Part 1: Defeat all ambushers
Abandoned Office @ 'Boomtown'

Since you know this ambush is coming, it doesn't seem like much of a surprise.

Mission Complete: You defeated the trap that had been laid for you.


Nice work, Red Tomax. Whle you were out springing the trap, I spent a bit of time planting confusing counter-evidence indicating that there was no way you could have known it was a trap. It should keep them running in circles for a while trying to figure out if they have a leak or if you've just been lucky. But then, that's part of the fun of dealing with these sorts of conspiratorial paranoids. Just give them few clues and they'll invent all of your plots for you.

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