Smear Campaign


Stop the Malta Group from smearing the good name of a rising hero


I can't tell you who and I can't tell you why, but our mutual friends are going to set a trap of sorts for an up and coming hero. They won't be out to hurt or kill her, just to badly discredit her. I hate that kind of thing. I may be a cover operative, but that doesen't mean I relish dirty tricks. So, since I know it's about to happen, I'd like you to stop them from smearing the good name of a rising hero.

The timing on this is going to be tight, though. You have to stop this plan before the heroine arrives, because if she finds out about Malta right now, they may just kill her. She's pretty punctual, so you'll only have about 90 minutes at the most.

Here's the set-up:

Our young heroine's contact is about to get an anonymous tip that will send herto investigate a possible Sky Raiders office invasion. When she gets there, Malta Group operatives are going to jump her, knock her out, and then make it looklike she failed to stop a group of Skulls and got everyone in there killed. Any protest she makes about "mysterious commandos" will be ridiculed as attempts to save her image.

Of course, what they don't know is that we know this is all about to happen. So, your goal is to rescue the people the Malta Group plans to kill, disarm the bombs they're using to cover their presence, and take out the commanding officer in charge of the operation. All before the heroine arrives on the scene in about an hour and a half. See? Easy!

Part 1: Stop op leader & his men - 1:30:00 (4 victims to save, 6 bombs to disarm)
Office @ Steel Canyon

As you rush in the scene, you have to wonder if you were on the receiving end of this kind of smear attack earlier in your career. Maybe there's another hero out there you owe your good name to.

Mission Complete: Through your stealthy interference, a young heroine's career has been saved.


You may have saved more than lives today, Red Tomax, you may have saved someone's soul. Smear tactics like this are pretty popular in the Malta Group as a way to leave super-powered people down and desperate. That way they can later come in and pick up the pieces, recruiting the victim as an asset of the organization that just destroyed their career. They'll plant false evidence for blackmail, even threaten lives and loved ones. They like to leave you broken, then take you in, without ever revealing they're the ones who hurt you in the first place. The sick part is, they do all of this and they still think they're the good guys. I told you that you'd be fighting some very bad people if you helped me out.

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