Brickstown Alley Deaths


Check out the area where the soldiers died

Madeleine Casey

A group of Nemesis soldiers were found dead in a Brickstown Alley this morning. The wierd thing is, the forensic experts say they murdered each other! Nemesis soldiers aren't renowned for their honour, but I've never known them to turn on one another. Will you go check out the area where the soldiers died? Something about this just doesn't feel right.

Watch your back, Red Tomax. If those soldiers were killed by some other person, he or she isn't mucking about.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in warehouse
Warehouse @ Independence Port

A carnie's mad laugh mingles horribly with the racket of an automatic weapon.

Mission Complete: One of the Carnival minions you defeated told you, 'Nemesis is the evil one! We did the right thing!'

ClueThe Carnie's story

One of the Carnival minions you defeated told you:

We did the right thing! Those Nemesis soldiers who died? Well, they were harassing some poor civilian woman. Things got out of hand, and she wound up dead! It took a lot of effort, but we managed to hand out some justice. Nemesis is the evil one, not us!'

Madeleine Casey

So, the Carnival forced those soldiers to kill one another? Red Tomax, I think that's the worst thing I've ever heard. But it sounds like, in their own twisted way, the Carnies thought they were doing the right thing. They were trying to protect their neighborhood from the dangers of Nemesis.

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