The Strange Case of Benjamin A. Decker


Rescue Arnold Decker


Red Tomax, do you remember Arnold Decker? He was one of the hostages who escaped from the Cap Au Diable power station a while back. Well, it turns out that he's the younger brother of Benjamin A. Decker, the missing soldier from the Rikti War who tried to warn us about the Rikti raid you fought off. We were bringing Arnold here to talk to him, but Arachnos kidnapped him en route. We think we have his location, but we need someone particularly talented to make sure we get him out in one piece.

The one thing we don't understand is why would Arachnos be interested in all of this. Recluse has been known to work with Rikti Traditionalists, but only as a way to strike against Paragon City. He'd have no reason to interfere like this.

Part 1: Rescue Arnold Decker (Rescue Arnold Decker, Lead Arnold out)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Rikti War Zone

This place used to be a warehouse for an online bookseller. Now it's in ruins.

Mission Complete: You've rescued Arnold Decker from his captors!

ClueThe Brothers Decker

Despite all that's happened to him, Arnold Decker was so excited with his news that he could barely keep from talking once he saw you again:

'He's alive! Ben's alive! He snuck away from their base and visited me! He looks different, okay, but it's my brother Ben! I know it! He said that he was captured by the Rikti during the war and that they did something to him, but he snapped out of the brainwashing when he saw me. I know it's him, and he's back to himself now. But the rest of the Rikti know and he's got to get out. He wants to come home. You'll help him, right? Vanguard will help him, won't they?'

ClueRobotic Remains

When you defeated Arnold Decker's captor, the Arachnos leader fell to the floor with a clatter. Your foe wasn't a normal Arachnos soldier (or at least wasn't what passes for 'normal' among Arachnos troops), but a cleverly constructed clockwork counterfeit: a Nemesis Impostor Automaton!

It must have falsified it's orders and appropriated troops to capture Arnold Decker, and then pinned the blame on Arachnos. but why?


The implications of Mr. Decker's tale are astonishing, to say the least. But the real nature of his captors was perhaps even more so. Tere will be time to consider that later. For the moment, we must decide whether we should act on Mr. Decker's information. I will make the case before Lady Grey. If she agrees, I'll need your help if we are to have any chance of success.

Rescue Benjamin A. Decker


Lady Grey has agreed to the proposed operation to help Mr. Decker. What surprised me is that Dark Watcher was also in favor. This may still be a trap, but if the story is true, recovering Benjamin A. Decker could be a breakthrough for us.

According to the information he provided Arnold Decker, our defector will be part of a raiding contingent that will attack one of our bases. He Rikti name is B'Nadek. Our forces can fend off the raid; your job is just to recover Arnold's putative brother.

Oh, there's one more thing. The Dark Watcher wants to talk to you once this is done. I don't know why. It seems Lady Grey is the only one he ever explains himself to.

Part 2: Rescue B'Nadek (Locate B'Nadek, Extract B'Nadek)
Instanced Outdoor [Rikti War Zone] @ Rikti War Zone

The Vanguard are taking a great risk by letting this base go so lightly defended.

Mission Complete: You rescued B'Nadek.

Clue'My name is:was Ben Decker'

After you helped him escape, B'Nadek told you some of his story:

'So Immersed: Rikti-Thought. Recognition Near-Failure: Own Brother. Human-Thought: Presently Difficult. Please: Patience.

My name is:was Ben Decker. I was: Soldier: Earth during the Rikti War. I was a prisoner, they took me and: Changed me. They thought Change: Improvement. They all undergo: Change during Gestation/Exo-womb. They think it's a way to lift a man: up, just like some aliens did to them thousands of years ago. And if I never saw: Arnold again, I would have continued: Harmonious Rikti-Thought.

The Rikti think what they do is raise people up to their level of evolution. To them Riktification: Gift. But really, what it does: cage a man.'

Part 3: Speak with the Dark Watcher
Delivery @ Rikti War Zone
The Dark Watcher

Red Tomax. About the B'Nadek situation. You've stumbled onto something interesting, but not unexpected. We're bound to see more incidents like this, and I don't like my people to be blind. Take this file. Read it if you want, then give it to Levantera when this thing is wrapped up. Normally, this kind of information is restricted by the FBSA 'Omega Clearance'. Heh.

If you learn it from another source, pretend you never knew it before. Not that it matters to me.

ClueOmega Clearance Briefing

Though this file is in a plain manila envelope, its contents are shocking to any who don't already possess Omega Clearance. Here, it lays out the truth about the Rikti, namely that while obviously morphologically different, they are biologically heavily-altered human beings. The alterations are clearly artificial, and appear to be the result of biomorphic processes that are most likely initiated during gestation, and continued throughout the Rikti's childhood and adolescence. Later documents abound with conjecture about how this could have come to pass on the Rikti homeworld, ranging from an advanced civilization's defense against massive pollution to contact with a much more advanced alien race. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: the Rikti homeworld isn't an alien planet, but an alternate Earth!


You bring in a Rikti defector and get a private audience with the most mysterious man in the Vanguard. I'd be jealous, but I'm just too busy with what we're learning from our new friend. Speaking of which, there's an opportunity that I think you may be interested in...

Investigate the Rikti cavern


Our defector has provided us with some interesting information. According to him, the Rikti have been excavating beneath their crashed saucer, and are working on something major down there. This is either a trap or proof that B'Nadek really is the missing Benjamin Decker, and really has defected. Either way, you'll have 1 hour to check it out. Oh, and by the way, this mission is in the most dangerous part of the zone, near the ship. So you'll have to be quick and careful.

Oh, I should mention that along with the time limit, there are other complications. We can't let the Rikti know how much we know, so you'll have to avoid alerting them too much. Stick to looking for information and avoid fighting Rikti. In particular, I'd suggest avoiding the Security Chief and the Foreman. The Foreman is probably on-site, but the Security Chief will only show up if you alert the patrols, and defeat a squad or two of reinforcements. Well, any fighting at all is really unnecessary. So just be careful if you do.

Part 4: Investigate Rikti Dig - 1:00:00 (4 clues, Do NOT attack Patrols, Do NOT attack Foreman )
Rikti Tunnels @ Rikti War Zone

B'Nadek's instructions were clear and accurate. You traveled through twisting sewers to this point, where you can hear the strange hum of alien technologies.

Objective: You have found something

ClueScavenged Parts

The parts here are scrounged from every source of technology in the city. Crey circuit boards, Arachnos robotics, Council energy collectors and more, all heavily modified with the Rikti's advanced alien technology. Whatever they're working on, they are trying desperately to get it operational.

Objective: You have found something

ClueBizarre Chemicals

The strange chemicals in these containers seem to defy the laws of physics. Liquids that flow up, impact-resistant gasses, monopolar liquid magnets, and other strange things abound. You play with them for a few moments, take some samples, and move on.

Objective: You have found something

ClueRikti Equipment

All of the equipment here is brand new. Not scavenged or repaired, but recently manufactured and unused. Either the Rikti on Earth have found a new supply cache of unused equipment, or something strange is going on. You take a sample or two that won't be missed, and move on.

Objective: You have found something

ClueChemical Waste

This container is full of organic residue and numerous apparently surgical implements. It's too big to move quietly so you document it and move on.

Mission Complete: You have successfully completed your reconnaissance mission!


Well handled, Red Tomax. We have lots of new information, a confirmation of Ben A. Decker's story, and the Rikti are none the wiser. It's really a shame I'm about to lose your services. Serpent Drummer has requested your assistance, you see. Well, no matter. I have a lot to do, anyway. It has been very pleasant working with you.

Oh? What's this? A file from the Dark Watcher? Certainly I'll take a look at...

Oh... my...

Please excuse me. I think I need to read this.

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