Indigo Hunt


Notable Foes

Salvage weapons smuggling operation

Shadow Spider

A number of the 'entrepreneurs' of the Rogue Isles have been getting into trouble with Longbow and the Paragon Police Department. However, these conflicts have been occurring with more and more frequency, and I'm sensing there may be a Longbow spy behind it all. Our job is to catch the spy.

We've just received word of another Longbow strike. There's a cargo ship with a re-supply of weapons for our operatives in the Rogue Isles which has just been intercepted by Longbow. We need someone to board the ship, recover the weapons, and take out the lead Longbow Agent.

It's only a matter of time before the PPD and Longbow offload that shipment of weapons. You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

Longbow has been working with the Paragon Police Department on this arms smuggling bust, so you can expect to deal with Paragon's finest as well as the regular Longbow agents. If you can find who's been leading these sting operations it'd be a bonus.

Part 1: Salvage weapons smuggling operation - 1:15:00 (5 weapon sets to recover, Defeat Agent Dockard)
Cargo Ship @ Grandville

The PPD ships have already returned to Paragon City with their Arachnos prisoners. Salvage what weapons you can before it's too late!

Objective: You recovered a set of weapons.

ClueAgent Indigo

The Longbow agent heading up the intercept of the Arachnos arms shipment to Paragon City mentioned something about an Agent Indigo.

Objective: You overheard the Longbow agent mention something about Agent Indigo.

Mission Complete: You salvaged the arms smuggling operation!

Shadow Spider

Agent Indigo is behind this? Yes, I'm well aware of the woman. She's a rather elusive individual, and is responsible for many infiltrations into Arachnos operations. We need to find her and deal with her.

You do decent work, Dread Tomax.

Investigate Offshore Transmissions

Shadow Spider

We need to find the Longbow base where Agent Indigo is based out of so we can put a halt to her counter-Arachnos operations. We've intercepted some coded transmissions coming offshore from the Nerva Archipelago. The information we've managed to translate is sketchy, but we believe this may be a lead to where Agent Indigo might be hiding. Investigate the source of the offshore transmissions to determine where Agent Indigo is hiding.

This is likely to be a protected Longbow base of operations, so you might need to take backup.

If this turns out to be another Longbow operation, take out everyone on that ship.

Part 2: Investigate offshore transmissions (Find data on Agent Indigo, Defeat Longbow leader & agents)
Longbow Carrier Ship @ Grandville

You hear the abrupt wail of an air siren warn against the approach of your vessel.

Objective: You found something

ClueIndigo's Base of Operations

According to these data files from the Longbow mobile ship base, the elusive Agent Indigo is based out of the Longbow Agincourt base.

Mission Complete: You found the location of Agent Indigo

Shadow Spider

So Longbow is based out of Agincourt, but carrying out covert ops against Arachnos? Naughty girl. She's just given us the excuse to make an assault on Agincourt.

Defeat Agent Indigo

Shadow Spider

Agent Indigo made a fatal mistake in conducting counter-Arachnos operations out of Agincourt. Arachnos is waiting for violations of conduct from those do-gooders so we can assault the place. In this case Indigo has coordinated actions which are against operatives of the Rogue Isles. Yes, it's a thin excuse, but that's all we need to nail her to the wall. Head into the Longbow base at Agincourt and take down Agent Indigo!

Agent Indigo is the goal here, but feel free to take down as many Longbow agents as you'd like.

Part 3: Defeat Agent Indigo
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago

The Longbow base is on full alert. Time to take down Agent Indigo.

Indigo [Hero]
Rumours abound throughout the villain underground about two incredibly dangerous government operatives, code-named Agent Crimson and Agent Indigo. Indigo is supposed to be the information and retrieval specialist, a deadly opponent who can read thoughts and see into the future.

Mission Complete: You defeated Agent Indigo!

Shadow Spider

You defeated Agent Indigo? Excellent work. That should reduce the effectiveness of Longbow somewhat, at least until they have time to replace her.

There's more to you than meets the eye, Dread Tomax. I like that.

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