Notable Foes

Perform a task

Ghost Widow

I have not forgotten your recent betrayals, Dread Tomax. Nor shall I ever forget. But I am bound to Arachnos, and thus to my Lord Recluse. And my Lord Recluse feels that your success against me is the ultimate display of your true power. You have risen up through the ranks, and now stand at the heights of power, as was foretold. No doubt you've heard that Lord Recluse seeks a 'Destined One' to bring about his final victory against Statesman and the heroes of Paragon City? He believes that you are that one, and that it is time for you to join us in Operation: Destiny. The first step on that road begins with a small task

There is an Arachnos operative who has information that is critical to Operation: Destiny. Unfortunately, she is having some trouble reaching the Rogue Isles. I wish you to rendezvous with her ship and make certain that information reaches me.

Part 1: Rescue agent aboard (Meet the operative)
Cargo Ship @ Grandville

The sea breeze is bracing.

Mission Complete: You have acquired the files from Ghost Widow's operative.

ClueOperation DESTINY files

The files you recovered from Ghost Widow's operative list several men whom Arachnos may call on for 'assistance' in Operation DESTINY.

Ghost Widow

Wonderful. These files contain information that means a great deal to Arachnos. You have done well.

Kidnap Dr. Franks

Ghost Widow

According to these files you recovered, my agent had found four probable candidates whose knowledge and talents are needed for Operation: DESTINY to succeed. Of course, in order to properly persuade them, I need these gentlemen to be in Arachnos custody. You can take care of that, can't you, Dread Tomax? The first candidate is a Dr. Franks. He is a SERAPH researcher, currently working with their temporal mechanics division. And while the Paragon Police will likely have him under heavy guard, that should present no obstacle for you to go in and retrieve him from Paragon City.

I would exercise caution in this task if I were you. Breaking into a SERAPH lab is not exactly the world's easiest assignment.

Part 2: Kidnap Dr. Franks (Lead Dr. Franks out)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] / SERAPH Lab @ Grandville

You take a moment to reflect how it's always the little people, like Dr. Franks, who are hurt by Arachnos' big schemes. Saps.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Dr. Franks.

Ghost Widow

I assure you, Dr. Franks is being attended to most well. He is comfortable, and will remain so as long as he continues to expend his considerable talents in service of Arachnos. Now, we have two more scientists to 'recruit'.

Kidnap Dr. Murphy

Ghost Widow

Your next target is a Dr. Murphy. He used to work for Portal Corporation, and it is there that he acquired the expertise that we so desperately need. Fortunately, the good doctor then defected to the Council, so you will not have to go quite so far this time. Murphy is quite close, in the Council compound on Sharkhead Isle. I trust he will be here shortly.

The Council's tunnels will be well guarded, but I trust you know that by now.

Part 3: Kidnap Dr. Murphy (Lead Dr. Murphy out)
Laboratory @ Sharkhead Isle

Dr. Murphy sounds like a sensible man. No doubt he'll go along willingly.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Dr. Murphy

Ghost Widow

Dr. Murphy seemed most amenable to our terms. There is only one more scientist I need you to recover.

Kidnap Dr. Nelson

Ghost Widow

We have but one scientist left to recover. Dr. Nelson was lured away from Portal Corporation by the Malta Group. I have learned that the lab he works in is right here, on Grandville. Go and get him for me, won't you?

Yes, every one of the men we seek has experience in working on portal technology. That experience will be most critical to Operation: DESTINY.

Part 4: Kidnap Dr. Nelson (Lead Dr. Nelson out)
Laboratory @ Grandville

The Malta Group hates and fears all super-powered beings. You have to wonder how Nelson will react to you.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Dr. Murphy

Ghost Widow

Excellent. All three scientists are now busily doing the work of Arachnos, with differing degrees of cooperation. But do not imagine that you have worked off your debt to me yet. I have more work in store for you.

Stop Longbow from freeing the scientists

Ghost Widow

We have only 2 more scientists to go, but my spies have discovered that Longbow is attempting to stop us by stealing our kidnapped scientists back. They must be stopped, and as the Destined One, it falls to you to stop them.

Longbow is attacking the research facility where the prisoners--er--scientists are being kept. Your job will be to extract all 3 of them. While you're getting that finished, I'll prepare the final phase of our part of this operation.

Part 5: Stop scientist rescue
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

There are sounds of fighting within.

Mission Complete: You have fended off the Longbow attack!

Ghost Widow

You did well, Dread Tomax. Doctors Frank, Murphy, and Nelson remain in Arachnos custody, and shall do so for the rest of their natural lives. The feelings of admiration and trust in your abilities are spreading among Arachnos. They see you as strong, powerful, and on the rise. And since I am bound to Arachnos, the feelings of the troops influence my opinions. Fortunately for you. But you will have to perform greater services to truly re-earn my trust.

Capture last scientist for Operation: DESTINY

Ghost Widow

The preparations for Operation: DESTINY continue, but our part is nearly complete. Black Scorpions' forces are preparing to strike Portal Corp to steal technology. I want you to go along with his team, but your target will be different. You are to capture one last scientist during the Portal Corp raid. Then, our part of the preparation will be complete. But before you leave, I do strongly suggest you bring some cronies with you. The heroes surely know what we're up to by now, even if they don't know why. They will likely have someone in place, ready to protect this last asset.

You will be joining an assault force on the three main buildings of the Portal Corp campus on Peregrine Isle near Paragon City. Your target is building 112, on the right side of the Portal Corp. campus. But in order to get inside, you'll need to take the codes from the security computer. There should be one in the lobby of both buildings 110 and 111, but I cannot tell you which you'll need to access. Once you're inside, find Dr. Roberta Crow and extract her back to the flyer. Black Scopion's troops have been told not to interfere in building 112, so you should be clear to face any guardian without their interference.

And I would again recommend you bring some allies. I do confess, much as I hope that we will succeed for the greater glory of Arachnos, I would not be saddened to hear that you were humbled. I suppose that's petty, but at least I'll be honest about it.

Part 6: Kidnap Dr. Crowe (Find Bldg 112 Security Codes, Kidnap Dr. Crow)
Instanced Outdoor [Portal Corp] @ Grandville

Black Scorpion's boys are already on the attack. They'll stay away from the building on the right. That's going to be your target.

Objective: You got the security codes for building 112

Citadel [Hero]
Citadel was the very first android hero. In the initial Rikti onslaught, he took heavy damage, and was almost completely destroyed. With Positrons help, scientists as DATA created a second version of Citadel using the old model's original memory core and the remnants of a power suit, once worn by the hero Horatio. Citadel does not fully understand human ways, but he is a valiant defender of Paragon City. He has recently undergone a major upgrade to his systems.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Dr. Crowe

Ghost Widow

With Dr. Crowe added to our newly acquired scientists, we have completed our part of Operation: DESTINY. Or rather, I have completed my part of it. Surely you feel the excitement in the ranks of Arachnos? They all believe Lord Recluse's 'Destined One' is here, and Operation: DESTINY is about to begin. And Operation: DESTINY is all about you. Or rather, how you will finally change Destiny itself and allow my Lord Recluse to change the fate of the world. This is what your entire existence has been leading up to. I hope you won't disappoint.

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