Frame a despicable person for something he didn't do


Frame a despicable person for something he didn't do


I've got another job for you, Red Tomax. It's a bit mean, but I'd like your help to do some very bad things to a very bad person, by doing bad things to other bad people. It's not the most pleasant mission, but if you're willing, I'd like your help to frame a despicable person for something he didn't do.

I'm glad you'll help. The person in question is an agent for certain mutual friends of ours. He goes by the code-name Sunset Gold, and made his name killing troublesome heroes fighting criminal cartels in South America. Since he got picked up by Malta, he's been one of their top gunslingers.

He has access to a lot of top secret information, which, unknown to him, we also know. This puts Mr. Sunset in a unique and precarious position. Ifcertain operations that only he knows about were compromised, Malta would be quick to point the finger at him. I'll point you to the first one, a raid on a government lab bythe Knives of Artemis. If you can defeat them there, that's the first step.

While you're ding that, Crimson and I will work on our end of things. Crimson will brief you next.

Part 1: Defeat all Knives in lab (3 lab workers to save)
Laboratory @ Talos Island

The Knives of Artemis have begun their attack, not knowing that their secret operation has alreayd been compromised.

Mission Complete: You averted the Knives of Artemis' attack on the secret government lab, and now need to speak with Crimson.

Part 2: Talk to Crimson
Delivery @ Peregrine Island

Good job on the first stage, Red Tomax. Let me tell you about the next phase. Our friends are planning a little bit of wet work, an assassination. You don't need to knwo why, the important thins is that it's stopped very visibly. While you're doing that, Indigo and I will be taking our time to make sure that our friends make the connections we want them to make about our pal Sunset.

You concentrate on stopping that assassination. Indigo and I will take care of our end. Talk to me again when you're done. In person.

Part 3: Stop the assassination
Office @ Steel Canyon

This is the location Crimson gave you. Signs of forced entry show that the Malta Group is likely already on the scene.

Mission Complete: You stopped the assassination in time.

Part 4: Meet with Crimson
Delivery @ Peregrine Island

Now it's time for the final play. Sunset Gold is supposed to pick up some important documents at a drop off point. Indigo's ste up a little surprie that should delay him. What you need to do is go in there and attempt to get those documents. You won't have a lot of time, maybe an hour, but it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail, just that you try. Meanwhile, I'll finish things up on our end.

By the time this is done, either we'll have the documents and Malta's board will think that Sunset's going to sell them to the top bidder, or he'll have them, but they'll think he's going to cut and run. Best of all, either way you have a decent cover story for any operation you've taken or will take against Malta Group assets. That's what we call 'Deniability'. And it all gets pinned on Sunset Gold.

Oh, and dont' feel bad for ol' Sunset Gold. That low-down bushwackin' traitor lost any claim on sympathy five years ago in Columbia, when he buried one friend of mine too many.

Part 5: Try to get Malta documents - 1:00:00 (Find the documents)
Office @ Steel Canyon

These offices are unused, but kept in working shape by a shell company to deflect attention.

Objective: The documents are on this computer. you take the laptop with you.

ClueThe Maltese laptop

The fileson this computer, while often encrypted, could be very disturbing when combined with enough information about the Malta Group's organization.

Mission Complete: You found the documents.


Well, Sunset Gold showed up to get the documents in the end, only to find you'd already snagged them. He decided it was safer to run than try to explain himself to his bosses. They've branded him a traitor based on your work and our work, and want him for 'interrogation'. Ouch. I feel a bit bad for him. I'm not too big on dirty tricks, even if the target deserves it. Crimson's as close to happy with this ending as I've seen him in a long time. I have the feeling that he got a big dose of closure from this.

I know that, as a hero, you're probably hoping for a big climactic battle against this mysterious Sunset Gold character, but those sorts of things don't happen so much in this end of the business. For what we do, this is a pretty solid wrap-up. You did the right things, saved lives, and hurt the bad guys. So, no regrets.

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