The Sisterhood of the Huntress





...Knives of Artemis have been abducting people, seemingly at random. Men and women in positions of power, or just normal family folks who are grabbed by Knives and never seen again. I can't figure out why. It isn't part of any contracts I knwo of. The only lead I have is that the Knives occasionally request a few Malta soldiers as guards for something. I've traced where one group of guards went, and I'd like you to investigate. With some luck, you might even find the people kidnapped by the Knives of Artemis before anything happens to them.

I don't know why the Knives have picked these targets, but the people they take don't seem to come back. If there are any people there, find them and get them home.

Part 1: Find people abducted by Knives (5 victims to find)

These caves tunnel deep beneath the ground, but you spot telltale signs that others have passed this way recently.

Mission Complete: You disrupted the rites of the Knives' cult and saved their victims from ritual sacrifice.

ClueThe Sisterhood of the Huntress

This book illustrates rites and rituals for mystical ceremonies associated with a secret society called 'The Sisterhood of the Huntress'. A cursory examination shows elements of moon worship, ritualized hunting of human beings, and violent human sacrifices. Though the book is filled with hateful screeds against all men and any woman who is not a member of the Sisterhood, you can see evidence that is was probably twisted from the dogma of a once gentler fertility cult.


Let me make sure I understand this. You found a cult within the Knives of Artemis that's been performing human sacrifices? Okay, that's just wierd. I dont' know if this 'Sisterhood of the Huntress' si a new addition, or a tradition I just never heard about, but it's important tht we now know it exists. I'll update Crimson, it may help make a few things fit together. Thanks again, Red Tomax. Not just for the information, either. You saved a lot of lives tonight. I guess heroes like you do that a lot, though.

Well, at least the Sisterhood of the Huntress is pretty equal opportunity. Man or woman, if you're not one of the Knives then they'll find a reason to sacrifice you. Makes me glad I got out of that sorority of killers early.

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