Confiscate the Superadine


Defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine

Susan Davies

There's something I'd like you to take care of. The Skulls of Kings Row are planning to spread their Superadine drug to the streets of Atlas Park. I'm determined to see that they fail totally. I've located one of their distribution centers. I'd like you to defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine. We have to keep this drug off the streets!

So deep within Hellion territory, the Skulls will surely be ready for a fight.

Part 1: Defeat all Skulls in warehouse (4 drug stashes to confiscate)
@ Atlas Park Skulls

An acrid chemical sting assaults your senses the moment you enter the building.

Objective: You found boxes of Superadine.

ClueBoxes of Superadine

This Superadine has been packaged and is ready for distribution.

Objective: You found boxes of Superadine.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Skulls and confiscated all the Superadine.

Susan Davies

You have done an excellent job! The Skulls' distribution network has been smashed. I'll send this Superadine on to the authorities right away.

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