Patrol Atlas Park


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Patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity

Susan Davies

The Skulls have been making good progress in their efforts to move Superadine on the streets of Atlas Park. We can't let this continue! I'd like you to patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity. If we can get them to crawl back under their rock, we may save a lot of citizens from their own worst impulses.

Go to the patrol station on your map to begin, then proceed to the next one. I have every confidence in you.

Part 1: Patrol Atlas Park
Patrol @ Atlas Park Skulls

Mission Complete: You have patrolled Atlas Park.

Susan Davies

So the Skulls are threatening anyone who won't buy Superadine from them? Pretty good tactic. If we let them keep this up, they'd have the whole zone running scared in no time! Good work today, Red Tomax.

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