Repair the dimensional patches


Go to Wrewolf World and fix the dimensional patches

Unai Kemen

Do you remember that strange world of Werewolves, the one where you set up those dimensional patches? Well, apparently they need maintenance. Ifwe don't keep the patches in good workign order, those dimensional ruptures could split wide open. Then it'll be time to stock up on sliver bullets. I'd like to prevent that from happening. Get over to Werewofl World and fix those dimensional patches. The technicians tell me that you only have 90 minutes before the patches stop working at all.

While you're there, the scientists want you look for any clues to the nature of Werewolf World. They're always curious.

They call this gadget a 'irising stabilizer'. Whatever that is, it'll let you fix those patches.

ClueIrising stabilizer

This small handheld device was designed by the technicians at Portal Corporation. It should help you maintain the patches keeping the dimensional ruptures on Werewolf World in check.

Part 1: Maintain dimensional patches - 1:30:00 (20 patches to fix, Seek clues)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island

The Sun never seems to shine on this blasted landscape.

Mission Complete: You fixed the dimensional patches and learned the history of this world.

Unai Kemen

Are you telling me that Requiem is still alive somewhere on that world of werewolves? The only human left? Or half human, anyway. I hear Requiem is like Arakhn: half human, half Nictus. That degree of solitude must be a hard cross to bear, even for someone as private as Requiem. Guess I can't feel too sorry for him, though. After all, he brought that doom on himself.

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