Get the paintings back from the Carnival


Get the paintings back from the Carnival

Harvey Maylor

There was a break in last night at the Paragon City Museum. Only one thing was taken: a priceless da Vinci codex. The guards weren't harmed; they were found in their office, laughing it up while watching cilps from the elevator security tapes. Who do we know who has a sick sense of humor and a penchant for old Italian artists? That's right, Vanessa DeVore. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts she's got those paintings. Now someone has to get them back.

I have to admit, I've always been a da Vinci fan. His journals are worth tens of millions these days; don't let this one slip away.

Part 1: Defeat Ring Mistress & her crew (Find the da Vinci codex)
Abandoned Office @ Kings Row

A stunning blue and green Matisse hangs on the wall. It looks as though this office has been fitted out as Vanessa DeVore's personal art gallery.

Objective: You found the da Vinci codex.

ClueDa Vinci codex

As you page through this ancient manuscript, you're charmed by da Vinci's eloquent illustrations. A drawing of a harlequin mask catches your eye.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival and recovered the da Vinci codex.

Harvey Maylor

Well, let's have a look at that codex. What's the matter, Red Tomax, surprised I speak Italian? Hey, I'm a Renaissance man.

Hmm, it looks like this passage describes a way to restore a soul from an inanimate object to its original body. Da Vinci was interested in just about everything, you know. I wonder whose soul the Carnival wants to restore? One of their victims? I've never known the carnies to show remorse for anything they've done.

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