Soul of the Woodsman


  • CategoryTask Force
  • Team Size4 team members required
  • ContactsNumina (Founders' Falls)
  • Level Range35 - 38
  • Badge Numina's Compatriot Numina and the spirit of the Woodsman were pleased to present you with this medal.

Notable Foes

Agree to form a task force


It is well that you are here. I have sensed a disturbance in the mystical fabric of this city. I cannot tell what is causing it, but my protege, Infernal, senses something unusual in a nearby cave network. Go to the caves and tell me what you find.

The winds of fate are blowing, Task Force Malakim. Change is in the air.

I believe the code name Task Force Malakim suits you very well.

Part 1: Investigate sewer network
Sewer @ Founder' Falls Devouring Earth

You could sense from Numina's tone that locating the cause of the disturbance quickly is the primary goal of this mission.

Mission Complete: You located the source of the mystical disturbance.


It is well that you freed Fatespinner, but I am still sensing the disturbance. It seems that whatever is causing this has something to do with one of Paragon City's defenders.

I must admit, you are a fine group of heroes.

Investigate facility in Crey's Folly and determine what is going on there


I have sensed a confluence of heroes and negative energy. It is somewhere in the Folly of Crey. I suppose it is not surprising that somethign like this would be connected to those defilers.

Search well and swiftly.

Part 2: Search facility in Crey's Folly (Find computer records)
Laboratory @ Crey's Folly

This Facility looks state of the art in terms of technology and security.

Objective: You found a clue!

ClueCrey computer records

These partially corrupted files indicate that Crey has a division that actively seeks out and captures heroes. The files you have focus on a particular target that has been eluding them for some time. This hero has been designated with the code name Generation Zero.

Mission Complete: You discovered the purpose of the Crey facility.


This is most troubling. We must determine more about this unknown hero. I will call to Manticore, for suggestions on where to seek him.

Investigate the disappearance of Scout


manticore has suggested that we look into the disappearance of a Hero called Scout, who operated in Paragon City, in the early part of the twentieth century. He believes that Nemesis may have more information and has suggested a place to investigate.

It was a long time ago that Scout vanished, I cannot see the connection, but I have learned to trust Manticore on such matters.

Part 3: Locate Scout
Abandoned office @ Brickstown

Although his name has not been spoken often of late, Scout was one of the first heroes Paragon City ever knew.

Mission Complete: You have uncovered the fate of Scout.

ClueScout's final words

I...thank you. I have dreamed of this for many years, and welcome the peace of death. I must ask you one last favour, a final request. You must find Woodsman. He is trapped somewhere in the city, I know it. I was trying to find him when Nemesis captured me and turned me into this monstrosity. Something...old...took him, tok him from the woods long ago. you must find him, this is my last


Such cruelty! That poor man has been trapped in that living prison for a lifetime. His passing is a blessing upon him. His dying words ring true in my ears, it is the Woodsman we seek. We must find him, but I cannot seem to pinpoint his location.

Task Force Malakim, you are truly a boon to Paragon City.

Talk to Azuria in Atlas Park


We must find a way to pinpoint the location of the Woodsman. Go and speak with Azuria at MAGI. I believe she knows of an object that will help us in this quest.

I am sorry that my senses are being confounded, and I fervently hope that Azuria may aid us.

Part 4: Talk to Azuria in Atlas Park
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

There is a mystical object known as the Shard of Kalak. It can be attuned to locate and contain the essence of a specific individual by a powerful mystic, such as Numnia. We believe it is currently being held by the Circle of Thorns. Go to the location I will indicate, retrieve the Shard, and then return it to Numina.

Part 5: Retrieve the Shard of Kalak
Oranbega @ Perez Park

Smoke and sulphur interweave to form a pungent odour.

Mission Complete: You retrieved the Shard of Kalak!

ClueShard of Kalak

This powerful mystic device is powered by a mystic resonance. Once attuned, it can be used as a location device. How the shard is used determines it's level of effectiveness. The more resonance that is built up within it, the more chance it will perform the desired task.


Thank you. I will attune the Shard so that you may use it to search for Woodsman. It should not take long.

Scan Paragon City using the Shard of Kalak. Combat opponents to power the artifact.


The Shard of Kalak is ready. You will need to make your way around the city in a specific pattern in order for it to be used appropriately. Start in Perez Park and then work your way around the city, first widdershins and then deosil. Moving in this counterclockwise and then sunwise pattern will build power within the Shard. The Shard will take a few moments to scan, and legend has it that conflict is required to power it. The more enemies of Paragon City you can defeat while carrying it, the likely it is to work.

Begin your quest in Perez Park

Part 6: Defeat villains in Perez Park (Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns cultists)
Defeat x @ Perez Park

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Circle of Thorns cultists in Perez Park. Proceed to Atlas Park.

Part 7: Defeat villains in Atlas Park (Defeat 10 Clockwork)
Defeat x @ Atlas Park

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Clockwork in Atlas Park. Proceed to Steel Canyon.

Part 8: Defeat villains in Steel Canyon (Defeat 10 Outcasts)
Defeat x @ Steel Canyon

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Outcasts in Steel Canyon Proceed to Galaxy City.

Part 9: Defeat villains in Galaxy City (Defeat 10 Hellions)
Defeat x @ Galaxy City

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Hellions in Galaxy City Proceed to Kings Row.

Part 10: Defeat villains in Kings Row (Defeat 10 Skulls)
Defeat x @ Kings Row

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Skulls in Kings Row Proceed to Skyway City.

Part 11: Defeat villains in Skyway City (Defeat 10 Trolls)
Defeat x @ Skyway City

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Trolls in Skyway City Proceed to Faultline.

Part 12: Defeat villains in Faultline (Defeat 20 Vahzilok)
Defeat x @ Faultline

Mission Complete: You defeated 20 Vahzilok in Faultline Proceed to Brickstown.

Part 13: Defeat villains in Brickstown (Defeat 20 Crey)
Defeat x @ Brickstown

Mission Complete: You defeated 20 Crey in Brickstown. Proceed to Crey's Folly.

Part 14: Defeat villains in Crey's Follty (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat x @ Crey's Folly

Mission Complete: You defeated 20 Freakshow in Crey's Folly. Proceed to Terra Volta.

Part 15: Defeat villains in Terra Volta (Defeat 20 Sky Raiders)
Defeat x @ Terra Volta

Mission Complete: You defeated 20 Sky Raiders in Terra Volta. Proceed to Independence Port.

Part 16: Defeat villains in Independence Port (Defeat 10 Family and 10 Tsoo)
Defeat x @ Independence Port

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Family and 10 Tsoo in Independence Port. Proceed to Boomtown.

Part 17: Defeat villains in Boomtown (Defeat 20 5th Column)
Defeat x @ 'Boomtown'

Mission Complete: You defeated 20 5th Column in Boomtown. Proceed to Talos Island.

Part 18: Defeat villains in Talos Island (Defeat 30 Warriors)
Defeat x @ Talos Island

Mission Complete: You defeated 30 Warrios in Talos Island. Proceed to Dark Astoria.

Part 19: Defeat villains in Dark Astoria (Defeat 30 Banished Pantheon)
Defeat x @ Dark Astoria

Mission Complete: You defeated 30 Banished Pantheon in Dark Astoria. Proceed to Founders' Falls.

Part 20: Defeat villains in Founders' falls (Defeat 30 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Founder's Falls

Mission Complete: You defeated 30 Rikti in Founders' Falls. Proceed to Eden.

Part 21: Defeat villains in Eden (Defeat 30 Devouring Earth and 30 Nemesis soldiers)
Defeat x @ Eden

Mission Complete: You defeated 30 Devouring Earth and 30 Nemesis soldiers in Eden and found a clue!

ClueWoodsman's Signal

The Shard of Kalak resonates, emitting a low sound and a greenish glow. Woodsman must be somewhere in Eden!


Woodsman is somewhere in Eden then. So close, all this time. I am sorry that your travails have been so burdensome, but since you have performed the pattern, the Shard should lead you to him and allow you to help him. Tread carefully, only destiny herself knows what lies before you.

Find the place where Woodsman is trapped


Go back into Eden, and find the place where Woodsman is trapped. The Shard is now attuned to follow his current location.

This is a dark matter, Task Force Malakim, be prepared for a great battle.

Part 22: Defeat all enemies to find Woodsman
Abandoned warehouse @ Eden

This building is slowly being torn apart by the ravages of nature. Someday soon, there will be nothing left of it.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and have pinpointed Woodsman's location.

ClueWall scrawling

You find this message scratched into the wall of the warehouse: 'Beware Jurassik, the monstrosity will crush us all...'

Part 23: Defeat Jurassik and minions to free Woodsman
Cavern @ Eden

These caves remind you how much longer than man the earth has been here.

Jurassik [Monster]
The giant monster was dubbed Jurassik by a hero some time ago, and the name has stuck (though the hero has regrettably disappeared). It appears that Jurassik has been mutated by the many pollutants and chemicals in Crey's Folly. Now, it is a creature of pure violence.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Jurassik and found a clue!

ClueShard of Kalak

The Shard of Kalak draws energy from the air around you. The entire cavern is a vortex of mystical energy for a few moments. The Shard then glows with vibrant green energy, at the same time brighter and more soothing than before.

Numina's Compatriot
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.

The Shard now has his essence. I vow to you this day, that I will find a way to make him corporeal again. Paragon City needs him now, more than ever.

You have done a great thing today. I am glad to call you companions. Long shall the city remember the heroic battles of Task Force Malakim.

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