Crey Secrets


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Steal Crey secrets

Dr. Forrester

I take it you're familiar with Crey Technologies? They've been doing some fascinating work with all manner of body augmentations, from bio-genetic chemical regrowth to nanotech hyper-musculature hyper-indexing. All in all, they've produced some amazing results! AeonCorp has spoken with Crey regarding a merger of some persuasion, but Countess Crey always seems to want far more than she is willing to give.

We need to take more... creative measures in order to secure these technologies for ourselves. Head over to Crey Industries lab in Paragon City to steal what you can!

There's a boat waiting at the docks to take you to Paragon City.

Part 1: Steal Crey secrets (2 data files to steal, 2 electronic parts to steal, Steal last schematic)
Laboratory @ Grandville

You make your way to the Crey offices in Paragon City. Steal all the Crey tech available!

Objective: You found something

ClueCrey Data Files

These encrypted data files contain information on a number of the projects Crey is working on.

Objective: You found something

ClueCrey Electronics

These electronic components are used in Crey power armor and weapons technology.

Objective: You found something

ClueCrey Power Armor Schematics

These holograph schematics contain vital information on some of the more advanced power armor at Crey.

Mission Complete: You stole the Crey secrets!

Dr. Forrester

Oh, what wonderful presents! This is just like my birthday! Except there's no cake. Or guests...

Actually, it's EXACTLY like my birthday. No matter! I'll show them all!

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