Citadel's Synthetics


Notable Foes

Steal synthetics from Citadel

Dr. Forrester

Synthetic humans. It's such a fascinating subject! Being able to improve upon what mother nature endowed us with, using the latest technologies to create beings which may lead us into a new age of enlightenment. Or lead us all into fiery ruin in a blood-drenched android apocalyse! But I digress..

Citadel is supposedly the first android. He possesses very advanced cognitive programming and is extremely powerful. Wouldn't it be marvelous to get ahold of part of the synthetic material used in the composition of Citadel? Ah, the wonders it would hold! Confronting Citadel directly would be dangerous, as he would quickly call in the rest of those Freedom Phalanx do-gooders! But if someone close to him were to be kidnapped, we would be able to force an immediate confrontation with the android!

I've recently discovered a DATA scientist who constantly monitors the well-being of your synthetic friend. If you capture this scientist, you can be assured that Citadel would come running to rescue him! Head over to the DATA offices in Paragon City and kidnap Dr. Norum!

Don't worry about the kidnapping! It's all in the name of SCIENCE!

Part 1: Steal synthetics from Citadel (Kidnap Dr. Norum, Defeat Citadel)
Laboratory @ Grandvile

It looks like your arrival at DATA has not gone unnoticed! Longbow forces are everywhere!

Objective: You take a sample of the synthetic material which makes up Citadel!

Citadel [Hero]
Citadel was the very first android hero. In the initial Rikti onslaught, he took heavy damage, and was almost completely destroyed. With Positrons help, scientists as DATA created a second version of Citadel using the old model's original memory core and the remnants of a power suit, once worn by the hero Horatio. Citadel does not fully understand human ways, but he is a valiant defender of Paragon City. He has recently undergone a major upgrade to his systems.

Mission Complete: You've retrieved a sample of Citadel's synthetic material!

Dr. Forrester

With this sample of Citadel's synthetic composition, we should be able to learn some very interesting things!

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