Apt Pupil


Help Number 204

Number 204

It is in my endeavor of self-preservation that I hope you can be of assistance. Your designation is well known throughout the Rogue Isles; it is Dread Tomax. Your fame and expertise can be most useful to one such as I, who has ability, but no name to speak of.

The world of Arachnos robot soldiers is a brutal one. Those who cannot perform are scrapped for parts. Those who can know they will only remain operational as long as they make no mistakes. I am hoping to gain an edge on my compatriots through research, intellect, and ingenuity. First, I need the Arachnos Robotic Combat Training plan. I have already calculated its location, all I need is someone who can steal it.

Part 1: Steal combat training plan
Arachnos Base @ Grandville Arachnos,Longbow,Nemesis,Arachnoids

Working for a robot may seem strange to some, but Number 204's money is as green as anyone else's.

Mission Complete: You have the Arachnos Robotic Combat Training plan.

ClueArachnos Robotic Combat Training Plan

This plan, stolen from an Arachnos base, should give Number 204 a leg up on his competition. Her competition? Its competition? Oh, whatever.

Number 204

This combat training program will save me, Dread Tomax. With this, I can anticipate the threats I will be facing. I can research and prepare, and come out of each battle as the most magnificent robot Arachnos has ever designed!

Your worth has been upgraded.

Film battle against Nemesis

Number 204

According to the training plan you have brought me, Arachnos intends to send my unit against Nemesis first. I must gather information on their combat abilities. We have detected an incursion of Nemesis troops into one of our Arachnos bases. Please, take this camera and battle them. When you return, I will analyze the information and formulate a strategy which will leave the other combat robots in my wake.

It will be most intriguing to see you in action.


This heads up camera given to you by Number 204 will allow you to capture your combat against Nemesis troops.

Part 2: Defeat all Nemesis in area
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

Getting paid to beat up arrogant limey posers. It's not a bad job.

Mission Complete: You have the data for Number 204.

Number 204

Wonderful. I will analyze this data and trounce Nemesis. I will be the best robot Arachnos has ever seen!

Infiltrate Longbow

Number 204

My next task will take me against the heroic group known as Longbow. If you would infiltrate one of their bases and come back with some of their tactical operations plans, I would be most grateful.

Longbow is an enigma to me. They fight, they die, but not for profit. Their goals are at times clear, at times intangible. A most puzzling situation.

Part 3: Steal operations plans
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago

Number 204 doesn't understand Longbow. Well, that makes two of you.

Mission Complete: You have the plans Number 204 requested.

Number 204

These plans should help me immensely. I will just upload them to my data banks.

Your worth has been upgraded.

Test the other drones

Number 204

According to the Arachnos Robotic Combat Testing plan you procured, my next assignment will be to face other Tarantulas. I need you to take this camera and go to the testing grounds, so I can see the combat capabilities of the other drones.

Your assistance has meant so much to me. It may well save my life.

Part 4: Defeat all enemies in Gutter (Find the technician)
Instanced Outdoor [Grandville] @ Grandville

You hear the strange gurgles and groans made by the awful Arachnoids

Objective: The Tarantula proving grounds are in the Gutter. That is wher eyou will find the other drones.

ClueThe technician's story

The Arachnos technician you rescued said:

'I got an urgent message from my supervisor to report to the Gutter. But all I saw once I got here were these Tarantulas, and they weren't too happy to see me! Something really strange is going on!'

Mission Complete: You have eliminated the other drones, and learned something interesting about Number 204 in the process.

Number 204

Excellent. All three scientists are now busily doing the work of Arachnos, with differing degrees of cooperation. But do not imagine that you have worked off your debt to me yet. I have more work in store for you.

Find out about Number 204's next task

Number 204

Arachnos has altered my training schedule. Before we can proceed further, I must have the new information. You must go to the base I will designate and find out what my next task will be.

I am determined to survive. I imagine we have that in common.


This disk contains a program written by Number 204. It should be able to locate and decrypt Arachnos' new robot training schedule.

Part 5: Find Arachnos computer
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

Working for a robot may seem strange to some, but Number 204's money is as green as anyone else's.

Mission Complete: You were unable to get the information Number 204 was looking for.

Number 204

I regret that my program was unable to find the new training schedule. We shall have to try another means of learning my next task.

Eliminate the Tarantulas

Number 204

You have done wel, Dread Tomaxl. You have forwarded my goals most admirably. For this, I must thank you. One last request. There are a number of Arachnos robots that I fear I must best in order to remain one of the few survivors of my kind. Please eliminate them.

Fear not. The Tarantulas you will face will surely be no match for your skills. No. You need worry not at all.

Part 6: Defeat all Tarantulas (Find the technician)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

There are sounds of fighting within.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the infected robots.

ClueThe technician's story

The Arachnos technician you rescued said:

'Number 204 didn't send you here to kill anything! It sent you here to get killed! Just like me! Number 204 has been reprogrammed by Longbow; it's working for them now. Ever since you stole that Longbow intel, Number 204 has been working against you. It sent you to an Arachnos base to upload data that reprogrammed all these Tarantulas! And now it wants them to kill you!'

ClueThe technician's disk

This disk should reformat Number 204, rendering it once again a compliant Arachnos drone.

Number 204

The disk Price gave you has reformatted my hard drive, Dread Tomax. I am now a compliant Arachnos weapon. It is regrettable how we machines can be toyed with, how our entire lives can be changed by somebody who knows the right words to speak. Longbow thought they would get the best of you when they gave you that stealth program in place of the real data. They thought I could lead you to your doom. But I guess you were too smart for me. And too smart for Longbow.

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