Descent to the Hydra


  • CategoryTrial
  • ContactsMaren MacGregor (Founders' Falls)
  • Level Range38 - 40
  • Badge Head of the Hydra The Hydra threatens Paragon City from the bowels of the sewer system.
  • Badge Charmer You have defeated the Hydra, a major threat to the sewer network of Paragon City.
  • Note

    This trial appears to have been changed from level range 38-42, to 38-40. Although you must be level 48 to obtain the trail, anyone level 36+ can join you on the trial. Any heroes level 42 or above will not receive the temporary powers from the crates, so bear that in mind when forming your team.

Temporary Powers

Thermite Cannon Thermite Cannon
Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Plasma)
Particle Cannon Particle Cannon
Ranged, Special

Notable Foes

Defeat 150 Rikti to show Maren you're up to the task

Maren MacGregor

Sure you look tough in that costume, but can you fight? Prove it. Then we'll talk, hero.

Off you go, Red Tomax. I'll be here, just waiting to be dazzled.

Part 1: Defeat aliens in abandoned sewers (Defeat 150 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Abandoned Sewer Network Hydra,Rikti
Maren MacGregor?

Contain the Hydra

Maren MacGregor

All right, Red Tomax. I'd say you're ready to take on the Hydra itself. Use this computer access code to unlock the maintenance room door. Once you're in, kill everything you see from top to bottom. And I mean everything. Remember, once activated, that door only stays open for 90 minutes, so don't play around.

I can give you one hint: check for Rikti crates. They're the key to your success. The Rikti have got some seriously funky technology for trying to keep the Hydra in check, so use it to your advantage.

Red Tomax, you may be tough up here, but down there it's all about tactics and finding the right tool for the job.

I don't envy you on this one, ace. You'll have a hard fight. Remember, teh Rikti crates are the key.

ClueComputer access code

This code will unlock the door to the maintenance room. Due to security precautions, the door will only remain open for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Part 2: Use the access code to enter
Delivery @ Abandoned Sewer Network

Mission Complete: Access code accepted. Unlocking door. 90 minutes. Counting down...

Part 3: Clean out the maintenance room - 1:30:00 (Defeat the Hydra Head)
Mantenance Room @ Abandoned Sewer Network

The sewer pipes groan with strain. Something is growing in here.

Objective: You found a Rikti thermite plasma gun, along with a torn page from the weapon's schematics.

ClueThermite plasma gun schematics

This scrap of paper refers to the Rikti's powerful thermite plasma guns. It reads:

'--severe damage to tentacles, possible tool for containment. Rikti technology at its fines--'

Thermite Cannon Thermite Cannon
Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Plasma)

Objective: You found a Rikti particle accelerator gun, along with a scrap of the weapon's schematics.

ClueParticle accelerator schematics

This torn shred of paper refers to the Rikti's particle accelerator weapons. It reads:

'Modified weaponry--the head is susceptible. Rikti transport technology will ensure--'

Particle Cannon Particle Cannon
Ranged, Special

Objective: You found a maintenance log and a Rikti plasma gun.

ClueMaintenance log

This maintenance log, printed on bright yellow paper, is written in a shaky hand. It reads:

'Stick to the catwalks. We lost another worker today.'

Hydra [Arch-Villain]
The alien Rikti created the Hydra to guard their secret bases beneath the city. It seems programmed to attack anything that isn't Rikti. Heroes must stop this creature from growing any larger and threatening the city as a whole.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Hydra head!

ClueHydra Eye

This eye of the Hydra is now lifeless; nevertheless, it seems to glow with a faint, malevolent glint.

Head of the Hydra
Stand next to the Hydra head.
Awarded for defeating the Hydra head.
Maren MacGregor

Hey, you're back, A Hydra Eye? For me? How cool.

I'm glad to know you survived, and the Hydra is contained. For now, at least. i'm impressed, Red Tomax, and I don't impress easily.

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