Steal Chemical Shipment


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Steal chemical shipment

Terrence Dobbs

So in my lineof work, I always gotta be up on the latest tools of the trade. Pest control sprays, traps, high-powered rifles - y'know, the usual. Problem is I'm running low on some chemicals for my heavy-duty sprayer mix. And these chemicals - well let's just say ya can't find 'em at your local hardware store!

I been askin' around, and I found outthe Council is shippin' in a load of the chemicals I'm lookin' for by boat! I need someone to intercept the shipment and steal these chemicals for me.

I got a boat ready down at the docks. Head over to the ship and steal those chemicals! Oh, and you'd best cover your tracks - take down the Council leader in charge of the shipment, too!

Part 1: Steal chemical shipment (5 chemicals to steal, Defeat Council leader and minions)
Cargo Ship @ Grandville Council

You pull up alongside the ship. Sheal the chemicals for Dobbs!

Objective: You found something


These are chemicals stolen from the Council. Terrence Dobbs plans to use them for his pest control spays.

Objective: You defeated the Council leader

Mission Complete: You stole the chemical shipment!

Terrence Dobbs

Oh yah! These'll do great! I just got to remember to get a new chemical filter mask before I mix these up. Last time I was coughin' blood for a week!

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