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Temporary Powers

Arachnoid Gas Arachnoid Gas
Targeted AoE Toxic

Cull Arachnoids in Gutter

Terrence Dobbs

How do you feel about doing some Arachnoid huntin' in the Gutter? They get so think in there that we gotta cull 'em back sometime. If you're interested, you can head in and start thinning out the Arachnoids.

They can be cunning sometimes, so watch out for ambushes!

Part 1: Cull Arachnoids in Gutter (Defeat 20 Arachnoids)
Defeat X @ Grandville Crey,Arachnoids

Mission Complete: You culled enough Arachnoids!

Terrence Dobbs

Nice work, Dread Tomax! That oughta thin their numbers a bit!

There's gotta be a better way of dealing with those critters. Maybe some kind of new weapon...

Find chemical weapon in Crey lab

Terrence Dobbs

Nice job cleaning out those Arachnoids in the Gutter. Y'know what I said about finding something to take out Arachnoids better? Well, I know Crey is always messing around with science and biology and stuff. I heard from a buddy of mine that Crey's got a chemical research lab in Cap au Diable where they just got in a shipment of heavy-duty pesticides, so maybe we can find something that'll do the trick against these Arachnoids. Head over to teh Crey lab and see if you can find anything I can use agaist the Arachnoids.

Crey makes all kinds of great experimental weapons. Finding a good general purpose gas weapon would be great!

Part 2: Find chemical weapon in Crye lab (Find weapon reports, Find chemical weapon)
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

There's gotta be something good Dobbs can use against the Arachnoids. Find it!

Objective: You found something

ClueCrey A-X76 Field Test Reports

These are field test reports on the effectiveness of teh Crey A-X76 gas on the A-456 test subjects, citing a favourably deadly effect. The field test reports give coordinates to caves underneath St. Martial.

Objective: You found something

ClueCrey Arachnoid-X76 Gas Canister

The label on the gas canister says: 'Crey Arachnoid-X76 - For use against accelerated mutation type A-456 codenamed Arachnoid. HIGHLY TOXIC.' Apparently, Crey is quite versed in Arachoid control already.

Mission Complete: You secured the chemical weapon!

Terrence Dobbs

W-whaaat? Crey's messin' with the Arachnoids? Underneath St. Martial? What the heck? I expected to find some good chemical weapons, but I didn't expect custom made 'Arachnoid-B-Gone' stuff! What the heck are they up to?

Clear out Arachnoid tunnels

Terrence Dobbs

Well, I don't know why Crey is messin' with Arachnoids, btu as long as they're coming up with ways to put 'em down, I'm fine with that! Those field test reports point to Arachnoid caves under St. Martial, tho! I don't like the fact that the Arachnoids are making their way off of Grandville. We'd pest do a bit of our own field testing! Head over to those Crey testing grounds and clear out those Arachnoid tunnels!

If Crey's just finding a way to get rid of Arachnoids, it's all good. Somehow I don't think Crey is being all that benevolent.

Arachnoid Gas Arachnoid Gas
Targeted AoE Toxic
Part 3: Clear out Arachnoid tunnels.
Arachnoid Nest @ St. Martial

You hear the sound of a radio in the distance. Not what you'd expect from Arachnoid tunnels...

Objective: You find an odd tag on the Arachnoid

ClueArachnoid Tag

This small tag was found stapled onto the ear of the head Arachnoid. It says, 'A-456-053' along with the Crey Industries logo on it.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the tunnels!

Terrence Dobbs

What the heck is Crey doing with these Arachnoids? I thought they were killin' the critters first, but if they're taggin' those things.... I don't like the sound of this, Dread Tomax!

Find files on Crey experimentation

Terrence Dobbs

So... I really don't like the fact that Crey is messin' around with the Arachnoids. Sure, they're coming up with heavy-duty pesticides to control 'em, but they're also doin' other types of experiments. Now, the last thing we need is Crey letting loose a bunch of super-duper Arachnoids with extra cheese onto the world if you know what I mean!

Let's find out more about what Crey is up to! There's a Crey building on St. Martial near the Arachnoid caves which might give us a good clue as to what they're up to. Head over there and ransack their files!

I ain't an espionage kinda guy, but this is probably worth lookin' into.

Part 4: Find files on Crey experiments (Find research notes)
Laboratory @ St. Martial

This Crey lab is in full alert. Find those files!

Mission Complete: You found the research files!

ClueCrey Research on A-456

These are a series of files on the subjects known as A-456, otherwise known as Arachnoids. It looks like Crey has been doing research on the Arachnoids in an attempt to make a trained group of mutant shock troups while developing a series of countermeasures to any Arachnos-controlled Arachnoids. The project lead is a Crey scientist name Doctor Reaves base at a Crey tech facility in Paragon City.

Terrence Dobbs

Ah geez. This is bad. REAL bad. Arachnoid shock troops? This can get out of hand REAL quick.

Report to Arbiter Daos

Terrence Dobbs

Okay, Dread Tomax, we're getting' in WAY over our heads here! Getting in the way of Crey secret projects can get us killed! We gotta talk to Big Brother about this, and when I say that I mean Arachnos! I been told to talk to Arbiter Daos if I come across anything which 'compromises Arachnos security' or somethin', and I think this qualifies! Head over and tell our predicament to Arbiter Daos!

I'm washin' my hands of this, Kung-Fu Jesus! You just talk to Daos and do what he says!

Part 5: Report to Arbiter Daos
Delivery @ Grandville
Arbiter Daos

Crey is performing experiments on Arachnoids? And you have proof of this? Very interesting.

Please inform Mr. Dobbs that this information is very useful to Arachnos, and we appreciate him bringing this to light. I'll begin preparations to counter this little Crey problem. I suggest you return to Mr. Dobbs to await further instructions. Thank you for your assistance. Remember our motto: Strength through Undying Loyalty.

Terrence Dobbs

Arachnos is gettin' ready to act against Crey? Oh, man - I don't want to be caught in the middle of this!

Stop Crey Arachnoid research

Terrence Dobbs

I just got a call from Arbiter Daos - he says he wants you to lead a counterstrike against the main Crey facility involved in the experimentation with the Arachnoids! Head over to the Crey facility in Paragon City and take down the leader of the Arachnoid project!

Daos said you're going to need to take down the Crey project leader and destroy the research they have. Best of luck to ya!

Part 6: Stop Crey Arachnoid research (5 stasis tubes to destroy, Destroy research data, Defeat Cooper and guards)
Laboratory @ Grandville

Find Doctor Cooper and destroy his research data!

Objective: You destoryed the statis tube!

Objective: You have defeated Doctor Cooper!

Objective: You destroyed the research data!

Mission Complete: You stopped the Crey Arachnoid research!

Terrence Dobbs

Nice work, Dread Tomax! Arbiter Daos told me to pass on a big thanks for helping shut down the Crey Arachnoid research project! I best those Crey jerks never knew what hit 'em!

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