The Arachnoid Cure


Notable Foes

Clear out Arachnoid tunnels

Terrence Dobbs

Okay, I got another job for ya. There's another next of 'em Arachnoids in - surpirse, surprise - some caves underneath Granville. Some Arachnos troops went in to cull them back a bit, but they got wiped out to the man! Somethin' about an ambush, about how they were set up - whatever! Arachnoids may be fast and strong, but they ain't smart enough to take down trained Arachnos troops like that. I think it was some mistake on the part of the Arachnos commander, they ust don't want to admit that! Head over to the Arachnoid tunnels and wipe out that nest!

Smart Arachnoids - hah! That'll be the day.

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnoids
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville Arachnos,Freakshow,Arachnoids

You hear the skittering of Arachnoids go strangely silent as you enter their tunnels.

Objective: You find something on one of the Arachnoids

ClueThe Tattered Note

This tattered note is in almost incomprehensible scrawling, but you can make out: 'Cure coming soon. Hold out against intruders. Slicer-dicer will protect me.' It's signed by someone named Biff.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Arachnoid tunnels!

Terrence Dobbs

Wha-a-t? Arachnoids settin' traps and ambushes? Talkin? Ah geez, I don't like this one bit. And who is this Biff who's sending notes to the Arachnoids? And who's Slicer-Dicer? I better look into this!

Find out truth behind Biff

Terrence Dobbs

Okay, I got some more news on those Arachnoids working with that guy named Biff. The note you found in the Arachnoid tunnels said Biff was being protected by a guy named Slicer-Bicer. I asked around and found out Slicer-Dicer is a Freakshow gang leader from St. Martial! Raid the Freakshow hideout and find out what you can about Biff!

I want to know why this guy Biff is protecting these Arachnoid creatures!

Part 2: Find out truth behind Biff (Find clue, Defeat 5l1c3r-D1c3r)
Abandoned Warehouse @ St. Martial

Who's Biff and why is he helping the Arachnoids? The Freakshow here might know the truth!

Objective: You found something

ClueBiff's Research Notes

Amongst the bits of Freakshow cybernetic parts and Arachnoid tissue samples you find these research notes. These notes are written in the same scrawling hand as the note you found in the Arachnoid tunnels. From scanning the notes you get the idea that Biff is attempting to find a cure for the Arachnoid condition!

Objective: You have defeated 5l1c3r-D1c3r!

ClueThe Freakshow Deal

Sounds like Biff was helping the Freakshow service their cybernetic replacements while they provided him a safe place to do his research.

Mission Complete: You found the truth behind Biff!

Terrence Dobbs

Oh, great. That's just great! This Biff joker is actin' like some sort of 'friends of the Arachnoids', and we're gonna lose our bread and butter if he succeeds! We gotta take care of this jerk before he finds this cure he's lookin' for...

Take down Biff

Terrence Dobbs

We gotta deal with this Biff fella! We can't have him organizing the Arachnoids to fight against us, or worse yet, finding a cure for their condition! It'd put me out of business, and I'm not about to let that happen, y'know? head into the Arachnoid tunnels and take down Biff!

This Biff sounds like one clever Arachnoid, and I bet he's pretty tough is he's getting the other Arachnoids to listen to him. You might need to put together some kind of heavy-duty team to take down Biff!

I'm sure there's something inherently inhumane about this, but I'm just a businessman. You know how much my operating costs are? And the rent in Grandville is killer!

Part 3: Find Biff and his allies (Deal with biff and allies)
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville

Somewhere within the Arachnoid tunnels is Biff! Take him down for Dobbs!

Biff [Elite Boss]
Biff is an intelligent Arachnoid, much different than the savage variety typically found in the Gutter of Grandville. He is attempting to find a cure for the Arachnoid condition.

Mission Complete: You took down Biff!

Terrence Dobbs

You took care of Biff, eh? I feel a bit guilty about takin' down the Arachnods last chance to regain their humanity, but I'm comforted by the fat cash I'm going to be raking in while I exterminate them.

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