Arachoid Invasion


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Stop Arachnoid Invasion

Terrence Dobbs

One of my buddies in Arachnos says they need help with an Arachnoid outbreak! Apparently, a bunch of those pests broke into an Arachnos facility and have started tearing things up! Get over to the Arachnos base and clear out all the Arachnoids!

There's some Arachnos operatives in there. Give 'em a hand and they might help you clear out the rest of the base!

Part 1: Stop Arachnoid invasion (Rescue last Executioner, Defeat Arachnoid leader and minions)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville Arachnoids

You hear the sounds of conflict echo through the Arachnos base. Time for some Arachnoid extermination!

Objective: You defeated the Arachnoid leader.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Arachnoid invasion!

Terrence Dobbs

You were fighin' alongside an Executioner? Dang, those fellas are tough! I wish I had one of them guys everytime I went huntin' Arachnoids!

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