Arachnoid Nest


Mission Index

Eradicate nearby Arachnoids

Westin Phipps

I've got a rather nasty problem growing around here. It seems that a nest of Arachnoids has sprung up near Haven House, and it's causing al sorts of trouble. I realy don't care about their eating the odd person, but it's starting to drive people away, and that makes it harder to gather information. So, I need you to eradicate this particular Arachnoid nest so I can get back to my job informing for Arachnos.

Very good. Those freakish little beasts are quite problematic. Ger rid of all of them, and that should do it.

Part 1: Eradicate Arachnoid nest
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville Arachnoids

This place smells like cobwebs and rotting meat.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Arachnoids near Haven House.

ClueA picture

You found this old photograph clasped in the claw of the Arachnoid leader. The picture shows what looks like a poor family in the interior of Haven House during the holidays. Depsite their obvious poverty, they all seem quite happyy, and the children are hugging Westin Phipp's leg. On the back, it says:

'Mr. Phipps was so kind. He even promised to find me a job. This is the first day of a new life for my family!'

Westin Phipps

Well, good to hear that's been taken care of. Now people should start returning/ I'll have to keep your part quiet, of course. I need people to fear you so that they'll ignore me.

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