Bane of the Heart


Notable Foes

Kidnap Wyvern Spy from Arachnos before Longbow can liberate him

Westin Phipps

I've had the most shocking reversal. It seems that my Haven House unknowingly harbored a Wyvern operative! I don't know what the sneaky little fellow was doing, but he's been caught. However, my misinformed but well meaning charges have heard whispers that Longbow plans to come to the man's aid. All of this puts me in a bad situation. If this spy was here to investigate me, and Longbow gets him back, well, then I'll be useless to Arachnos once my allegiance is out. And if he was after something else and Arachnos learns that I sheltered him in Haven House without knowing it, well, it's hardly likely they'll keep me around. So, I need someone to take this spy away from Arachnos before Longbow rescues him or Arachnos gets him to talk.

Once you get this fellow out, then I can have some people I know pull the information out of him by hook or by crook. Well, probably by hook, mostly, but I won't bore you with details.

Part 1: Kidnap Wyvern Spy (Kidnap the Spy, Take Spy to Door)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville Arachnos,Longbow,Freedom Phalanx,Crey

This should be the place they're holding the spy Phipps is so worried about. Looks like you got here before Longbow made their move.

Mission Complete: You captured the Wyvern Spy.

Westin Phipps

Well, those people I knwo got what I needed from that Wyvern agent. He wasn't here for me, which is nice. But he was here for something. He was sent to steal the personnel files on a nuber of new Bane Spiders. I can only wonder why. Still, this may bear further dangers to all of us.

You've done a great deal to help keep the people of the Isles down and under the yoke of Arachnos. Good job.

Stop Bane Spider recruit capture

Westin Phipps

I knew that Wyvern agent was part of something larger! I've just learned that Longbow agents have made an emphasis on taking Bane Spiders prisoner. They've even staged special missions just to capture Bane Spider recruits! Oh, we are in a pickle now. If Arachnos realises that the Wyvern Agent we kidnapped might have been part of this operation, they'll be very cross with the both of us. We need to look into this ourselves. I need you to buy some time by stopping one of these raids before they get away with their target.

You must get the Bane Spider Longbow is trying to catch out safely. The other Bane Spiders will know if he perishes. This all makes little sense. I know a bit about Bane Spiders. They're all linked in a strange fashion. Why, taking one prisoner would be foolish, since he could tell any other Bane Spider where he is at any time. So what are they up to? While you're busy, take out the Longbow team leader. You might find some information.

Part 2: Protect Bane Spider recruit (Defeat Capture Leader, Rescue Bane Spider)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

Longbow, Bane Spiders, and all this wierdness. What has Phipps gotten you into?

Objective: You found some information on the Capture Team Leader.

ClueA list and a dossier

You found these documents on a Longbow officer. There's a list of potential targets, all of them Bane Spiders. All of them were inducted several years ago, are about the same age, and listed as natives of the Rogue Isles. The list and the orders to capture each target are signed by an Agent G. Ido.

There's also a picture of a young man and a girl, taken several years ago. The girl's face is blurred out, and under the boy's face is the text: 'Figures, Hugo. Male. Caucasian. Picture taken 7 years ago, prior to Arachnos Indoctrination'. From the background, it looks like the picture was taken near Haven House.

Mission Complete: You protected the Bane Spider from Longbow

Westin Phipps

The information was very interesting. Hugo Figures... I know that name...

Now, I remember! Oh, my, my, my. Hugo Figures. And I would be willing to bet that Agent 'G. Ido' would have to be his little girlfriend, Gally Ido. Oh, I remember them. It's a sad little story I made happen.

Hugo Figures and Gally Ido were both gifted children. Psionically, I mean. They'd found their way to each other, then to Haven House, and were on their way to escape the Isles. As soon as I realized their true capacity, I told Arachnos at once. Psychic children are quite a resource, you see. Lord Recluse has placed quite a bounty on them. I managed to catch Hugo Figures, but Gally Ido got away. Could she have come back for Hugo? Oh, how tender! We must make sure that she fails.

Check out Longbow attack on Crey Facility

Westin Phipps

Longbow's stopped their capturing for the moment. Either they found Hugo, or they're confused by your interference. but I've learned that they've jut attacked a Crey research facility. I think it may be related, and want you to check it out.

Your best bet is to find the head of research, a Dr. Nova. He might know what Longbow was after. Also, look for any notes Dr. Nova might have around. That might tell us even more than the doctor himself.

Part 3: Search Dr. Nova's lab (2 pieces of research, Find Dr. Nova)
Laboratory @ Grandville

Crey and Longbow are still fighting. Chances are they won't be willing to share Dr. Nova's data.

Objective: You found some of Dr. Nova's notes.

ClueDr. Nova's Notes

These seem to be some of Dr. Nova's notes about the device Longbow wanted:

'The device is nearly complete. They wanted a tool that could bypass mental barriers and overcome indoctrination in order to better extract information during interrogation, but I think I may have overdone it. Early tests went fine, until one of my subjects had a major emotional reaction to something during the procedure. The resulting change was astonishing. It's as if the subject's entire sense of self was opened up, and he was allowed to re-write his own consciousness. The implications are staggering. I must conduct more tests.'

Objective: You found some of Dr. Nova's notes

ClueDr. Nova's Further Notes

These seem to be some of Dr. Nova's notes about the device Longbow wanted:

'I doubt that anyone truly understands what I have created here. It subtly astounds even me. With the proper emotional trigger, I can to more than merely bypass a few mental blocks. I can open the consciousness itself, allowed the mind to edit it's own personality. Imagine all the damage that could be undone. Conditioning wiped away, prejudices annihilated. Or possibly, the ultimate form of self-destruction as a mind re-builds itself without mercy of compassion. All it would take is the right emotional trigger to being the transformation...'

Mission Complete: You learned what Longbow was after.

Clue'Their powers are remade...'

Dr. Nova's unhinged ranting still echoes through your thoughts:

'It was only a matter of time until something like this would happen. Recluse was ingenious. He's had Arachnos gathering psychic children for years, and built two great forces, each army part of his strategy to fully control the forces that destroy all conquerors. The Fortunatas are his front line troops in the war against fate itself, and the Bane spiders the shock soldiers in a war on human free will. The children, their powers are remade. The girls have their sight adjusted into the future, but the boys, their powers are forced inward. They mind-control themselves, then link themselves to the other Bane Spiders. They are a vast network of self oppression, designed to enforce it's own loyalty. But what happens when a key is turned in a lock, and these barriers are unmade? What sort of beast might then arise as the fire of personal transformation leapt from mind to mind?'

Westin Phipps

At a guess, I'd say that Longbow is trying to break Bane Spider conditioning using Dr. Nova's device. I think Gally is trying t bring her boyfriend back. How adorable. But what dr. Nova said about 'emotional triggers' and change sweeping like wildfire worry me greatly. And unfortunately, we still have to keep Arachnos from knowing about this, lest they know about our part in all this. We just have to figure out what their next move is.

Find out what's happening to the Bane Spiders

Westin Phipps

There have been many reports of Bane Spiders acting very strangely. Congregating away from Arachnos basees, even attacking other Arachnos soldiers. One of the vagrants who frequents Haven House saw a squad of Fortunata's going to confront some of them. I think we need to make ourselves part of this situation.

There have been a few reports of strange activity so far, but it has me rather worried. See if you can find any of the Fortunatas who were sent in to break up the Bane Spider meeting. Oh, and if there is a particular Bane Spider leading them, eliminate him.

Part 4: Break up Bane Spider gathering (Defeat Bane Leader)
Sewers @ Grandville

You have to wonder why anyone would bother to gather down here.

Objective: This Fortunata was slain by Bane Spider weapons.

Objective: Zapan told you something after you defeated him.

ClueZapan's words

After you defeated him, the Bane Spider called 'Zapan' told you:

'Nothing can stop us. We were in such pain for so long, but when hugo awoke, he began to unchain us. A few at first, but every new one freed will make us stronger. The Fortunatas hunt us, the Tarantula Queens seek to snare our renegade free thoughts before they can spread, but with Hugo, we cannot be stopped!'

Mission Complete: You defeated the leader, and learned some valuable information.

ClueThe Fortunata's mission

The last Fortunata told you an interesting tale:

'There have been several reports of Bane Spiders deserting their posts. Normally, we would have a Tarantula Queen or one of our sisters look into their mind-web, but they fought back. We were send down here to bring these Band Spiders in, and when we tried to bring them to heel, they attacked us.'

'They have a leader, a Bane Spiders called Zapan, but even he was rambling about another Bane Spider called 'Hugo''

Westin Phipps

All this talk of Freedom is giving me hives! From the sound of things, I would guess that Agent Gally Ido got her Longbow bosses to try Dr. Nova's device on Hugo, and I think it may have worked a bit too well. So, if all the Bane Spiders really are connected, that could lead to a veritable cascade! By the time I could get all those above me mobilized and prepare a cover story, it could be too late, and all the Bane Spiders might be in revolt. Dread Tomax, we have to put a stop to this ourselves.

Deal with the Bane Spider Hugo

Westin Phipps

We're in rather a pressing bind here, Dread Tomax. By the time I can alert Arachnos and provide suitable cover stories for myself, er, for us, I mean; it will be too late and the Bane Spiders will all be in rebellion. But I have an idea. From what you've told me, all the Bane Spiders who have been affected are still relying on Hugo, aren't they? So, all you need to do is find Hugo, and deal with him.

I've asked a few people I can trust to follow deserting Bane Spiders and I think they're gathering at a central location underground. I've got a feeling you'll find Hugo there. He's your target. Defeat him and the other Bane Spiders nearby him, those are likely the worst infected.

Part 5: Defeat Hugo and all nearby him (Defeat Hugo)
Cavern @ Grandville

The caves are quiet, but you can almost hear something like a sound of humming from all the minds below.

Objective: You found a letter on Hugo after you defeated him.

ClueHugo's Letter

You found this letter on the body of the Bane Spider named Hugo. It's written in a shaky hand, and several lines have been crossed out and re-written. It reads:

'My love,
I'm sorry I fled. But it was all so much at once. The first time I've felt my mind soar freely in years, and your face, fully grown and so beautiful, and still in the background the war-like din from all the minds of the other Bane Spiders. I want to come back to you. I missed you so much, Gally, and I didn't even know it. Every day was an empty agaony, and I didn't know why. I know that Mr. Manticore can help me, and I thank him for giving me back the me that loved you and still loves you so much. But I can't turn my back on them, Gally. I can't turn my back on all of my brother-selves.'

'All the others are just like I was. They're still trapped, still have their minds caged and turned in on themselves, still in an agony they don't even understand. And I can help them. I've got to help them.'

'I love you, Gally Ido. I love you more than life itself. And I will come back to you, come back with you to Paragon Cty just like we always dreamed. But first, I have to do this. I have to try and save the others, just like you saved me.'

'I love you, Gally. And I'll be with you again soon.'


Hugo [Elite Boss]
Hugo Figures was once just an innocent boy who dreamed of escaping the Rogue Isles with his girlfriend Gally Ido. Unfortunately, her psychic powers drew the attention of Arachnos, and he was betrayed by Westin Phipps and forced into the Bane Spiders. Recently freed from Band Spider mind control, now he's fighting to free the other Bane Spiders and return to the girl he loves.

Mission Complete: You defeated Hugo and all the most infected Bane Spiders.

Westin Phipps

The number of mysterious Bane Spider desertions has fallen off dramaticaly. Oh, but we're not done yet. Little Gally Ido has hurt me twice now, first by escapaing and now by coming back. We must make sure that the dear little girl doesn't get away a second time.

My, have you looked at that letter poor Hugo wrote? So over-wrought, so full of love. It's all so sweet I think I'm getting a stomach ache. Dear, dear, dear.

Capture Gally Ido and discover her benefactor.

Westin Phipps

There's only two things left to do: You have to catch Gally Ido while she's still here in the isles, and you'll have to catch whoever has been helping her. You see, Dread Tomax, I have a theory. I think that much of the trouble we've had has sprung from a common source. Miss Francine's school for Freaks, the Arachnos Rebels, and now this whole Bane Spider issue. It's as if one organizing agent behind the scenes has been trying to re-shape the Isles by reforming our wicked ways. I think that whoever this is, they're the one who helped Agent Gally Ido get this far. And I want that person caught!

But be warned, this is probably someone quite powerful. You may want to bring some alies along when you go to confront them.

It's fortunate for me that many deluded fools think I'm on their side. I've been able to piece together Agent Ido's location through all the rumours I've heard. Now, once you're there, catch little Gally, and see if you can find some information about the location or identity of her benefactor. As I said, this will be difficult. You should really get several other black masks if you haven't already.

Part 6: Catch Agent Gally Ido (Defeat Agent Gally Ido)
Warehouse @ Grandville

According to Phipps' sources, Galy Ido and her Longbow buddies should be here.

Objective: You found a message on Agent Gally Ido.

ClueAgent Ido's report

You found a rough draft of Agent Gally Ido's report to her superiors on her when you defeated her. The details of the whole operation are pretty mundane, and pan out about how you'd figured.

The plan was to test out the theory that the Bane Spiders could be subverted, and it was an area she'd been studying for a while, no doubt with Hugo in mind. She'd found him. The rest of the report is her apology for letting this all get too personal, and possibly endangering Longbow's other operations. But the most important thing is who this was addressed to: Manticore, the crimson bowman of the Freedom Phalanx.

In fact, it looks like this project was one of several he's had going. There's a mention in the report about your capture of Miss Francine the Freakshow teacher and her subsequent fate, and about your part in the end of the Arachnos rebels. You're mentioned by name several times. The best thing, though, is that there's a note on the report, reminding her to send her report to Manticore's current location, hidden in a cargo ship at sea.

Agent Gally ido [Boss]
Gally Ido was just an innocent girl who dreamed of escaping the Rogue Isles with her boyfriend, Hugo Figures. Unfortunately, her psychic powers drew the attention of Arachnos, and she was betrayed by Westin Phipps. She somehow escaped from Arachnos and made her way to Paragon City, where she joined Longbow and hoped that one day she'd find a way to save the boy she loves.

Mission Complete: You defeated Agent Gally Ido and discovered the identity of her benefactor.

Part 7: Defeat Manticore (Defeat Manticore)
Longbow Sea Base @ Grandville

This is it. Manticore himself is somewhere in here waiting for you.

Objective: You did it. You defeated Manticore.

ClueAn Organizational Chart

You found this after you defeated Manticore. It shows the interconnections betwen dozens of hero groups, do-good organizations, and vigilante forces, all operating to undermine the corrupt underpinnings of the Rogue Isles through reform. Sabotaging the entire Arachnos system by improvignp people's lives and spreading honesty, justice, and freedom. It's ingenious. And all of it is connected back to one man: Manticore.

Manticore [Hero]
Justin Sinclair was raised in a huge mansion in the outskirts of Paragon City by his English nanny, Virginia Bowman. The sole beneficiary of a huge trust fund, Manticore received training in all manner of mental and pyhsical pursuits, but excelled in archery. When he turne d18, Miss Bowman revealed to him his true heritage. Manticore's father had once been a costumed vigilante in England, until he and his wife died at the hand of a German villain called Protean. Deeply affected by the story, Manticore took up his father's mantle and vowed to bring the 5th Column down.

Mission Complete: You defeated Manticore!

Westin Phipps

I scarcely believe it! You defeated Manticore! And what's more, the organizational chart you discovered validated my paranoia. The heroes of Paragon City really ARE out to get us by covertly reforming us from below. How disrespectful! Well, at least we've put an end to several of their plots now. And with Gally Ido and Hugo in Arachnos custody, too! Ah, that's one little love story that will have a truly wretched finish, thanks to you. There is nothing I like more than crushing what should have been a happy ending into dust. I'll have to make sure they let Gally watch as they vivisect Hugo's brain to find out...

Excuse me, that's my phone.

Yes, I did ask to be informed. Yes. Yes. What!? But how? Blue Steel in disguise! I see. I see. Thank you.

Such incompetence! Manticore has escaped, and taken Hugo and Gally with him! Not only am I disappointed in Arachnos security, but I also find myself rather exposed. I need to re-enforce my cover, and quickly. We're done with this investigation, Dread Tomax. I suppose, sometimes evil doesn't win, no matter how hard we try.

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