Kidnap Amanda Vines Family


Kidnap Amanda Vines' Family

Westin Phipps

The saucy types who like to say that the only bad publicity is no publicity are quite incorrect. I've learned that I'm to be the target of a very unflattering investigative report by Miss Amandy Vines of WSPDR. Now, I could ask for official back-up to suppress the story, but that might give the whole thing away. If, instead, I were able to apply some pressure to Ms. Vines through the expedient of a villainous threat to her family, well, that might persuade her to change her story.

I'm so glad you understand, Dread Tomax. Now, Ms. Vines has to understand that her parents and siblings may end up in danger, and has sought to protect them. Clever girl that she is, she's put them in Arachnos' care. Arachnos has to do their best to protect her family, or else Lord Recluse will have to admit all the dirty little connections. And that's where you come in as an agent of deniability. An Arachnos base is a small price to pay if it keeps Ms. Vines quiet.

Part 1: Kidnap Amanda Vines' Family (3 people to kidnap)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville Arachnos

This story is about to get really personal for that reporter and her family.

Mission Complete: You kidnapped reporter Amanda Vines' family.

Westin Phipps

I spent all morning burning copies of Ms. Vines scandalous little report. I'm quite exhausted, but satisfied. Why, I even made sure that all the family is back together, and without a hair on their heads out of place. Well, I suppose there's a warning on them, and Ms. Vines must know that there can also be a target on those precious heads should she ever cross me again.

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