Blurring the Lines


Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Agent Arthur Bell, Elite Boss (Longbow)

Stop Longbow's investigation of Crey

Kelly Uqua

I would like to acquire your services for an extended contract, Dread Tomax. Please, allow me to explain the situation that I think needs your services:

Any company as large as Crey Industries can sometimes come under scrutiny from governmental agencies, those agencies may even attempt to take action. We believe that Longbow agents have been conducting anti-corporate espionage against Crey Industries, particularly against the Technology Aquisitions department, of which I am a member. If this investigation were to conclude successfully, then it might place Crey Industries in a compromising position due to the Rikti assets in our control. Assets, some of which you helped procure. Therefore, preventing the success of this investigation is a high priority for us, and may be a high priority for you as well. Can I count on your assistance?

The first stage in countering this investigation will be to ascertain what longbow knows, and what they are investigating. Longbow has a small listening outpost where they are compiling data. I want you to deal with their main intelligence gathering agent, and get the files that agent has compiled. It's most likely just very dry financial data. Probably very boring for you, but of great interest to me.

Part 1: Steal Longbow Intelligence (Find Data, Defeat Investigator)
Warehouse @ Nerva Archipelago Longbow

Another Longbow listening post. These 'Heroes' never learn.

Objective: You defeated the Longbow lead investigator

Objective: You found the information you were looking for.

ClueLongbow's data

Just like Ms. Uqua said, mostly this is just reams and reams of financial data that Longbow has been monitoring. However, there are a few handwritten notes here and there. one note, written next to some acquisitions expenditures says:

'Time same as mysterious purchase in casefile #31104. This moves Uqua to top of list.'

Another reads:

'Uqua an agent?'

A third you notice says: 'Note fund & equipment transfers. Crey infiltrated? How deeply?

Mission Complete: You found the data and defeated the head investigator.

Kelly Uqua

Thank you very much for recovering that data. It might have been very damaging had any of it leaked out. Crey Industries is always willing to assist local governments when it helps all involved, but sometimes we must take pains to make certain that governments do not interfere with our company goals.

I hope you didn't waste your time trying to sift through all of this. I appreciate the desire to be of further assistance to Crey Industries, but that's a bit outside your contract. Speaking of which, this information has shed light on some follow-up work I could use assistance on. Let me get things arranged for you. One moment, please.

Destroy the device and all evidence

Kelly Uqua

I've had some people examine the data you acquired and it has presented us with an interesting opportunity or two. It seems that Longbow has acquired a piece of Rikti technology, and they plan to analyze it. Doing so might reveal certain technical secrets Crey Industries would prefer to keep a monopoly on, or even worse, eventually lead to heroes acquiring this technology. I would like you to remove this threat to Crey's technical leadership by destroying the captured device and all the evidence of it.

There are several things you'll need to do. First off, as much as we would like to recover this particular item for our own use, it's already known to Longbow, so moving it may cause suspicions. So you should simply destroy it. I also need you to recover any analysis of the device that Longbow may have completed. And finally, you will also need to liquidate everyone in the Longbow facility to make certain that no information about the device gets out. I know you can handle all of that, and have the utmost confidence in you.

And Dread Tomax?

Thank you.

Part 2: Sanitize Longbow lab (Recover Research, Destroy Artifact)
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago

No one in here has any idea what's about to happen to them.

Objective: You destroyed the Rikti Artifact.

Objective: You found the information you were looking for.

ClueResearch Data

What little research data is here is largely incomplete. It looks like they were just getting started. According to the report, they recovered this item from a Rikti base. The Rikti attempted to destroy it ratehr than let it fall into Longbow's hands. The artifact seems to be made to hold a humanoid body, and was filled with Rikti bio-morphic fluid. Early translations of the computer systems point to the device storing several organic patterns, including a number of Rikti forms and a variety of human forms.

The researchers were trying to understand what the tank was supposed to be used for, but now they'll never get a chance to find out.

Mission Complete: The base is sanitized, the data recovered, and the artifact destroyed.

Kelly Uqua

Thank you very much, Dread Tomax, you've done an excellent job. Who knows what those Longbow researchers might have learned had they kept control of that artifact? Why, they might have leapt ahead of Crey Industries on numerous fronts. It is unfortunate that we couldn't recover the artifact either, but that's no fault of yours. You did exactly what was asked of you.

End Longbow's investigation. Permanently

Kelly Uqua

There's one last thing I need you to do on this contract. It's a relatively easy task, but there is some time pressure to complete it. Allow me to explain:

With their investigations into Crey Industries running into some difficulty, it seems that the Longbow commander in charge of the investigations has grown desperate, and has decided to use a smear tactic against me personally, and indirectly against all the work I've done for Crey. They've hacked into the Crey security database and plan on placing false information that might lead them to believe that I'm an agent of a foreign power. I would like you to prevent this, and end Longbow's investigation in the process. It may be a good idea to bring allies along. There will likely be strong opposition.

As I said, there will be a limited time frame for this operation. If it is not completed within 90 minutes, Crey Security will discover this false and slanderous information during a routine security sweep. This will cause no end of problems, I assure you.

Very good. I knew I coudl count on you. Remember that there is a short window of time to complete this task. The man in command of this operation is called Agent Arthur Bell. He will need to be removed. Be warned, he is extremely dangerous. You may wish to recruit others. In addition, I will need you to load a program onto the main computers. Once this program is loaded, it will put false information into Longbow's system and shut down their link to our security computers. The information should make it appear tha Agent Bell was a foreign operative. It's a nice harmonic symmetry, don't you agree?

This false information should interfere with Longbow's investigation

ClueFalse Data

The prograam and data on this disk should re-write much of the data of Agent Bell's investigation. When loaded onto their computers, it will redirect suspicion at someone else.

Part 3: Terminate Thorns' Investigation - 1:30:00 (Plant false data, Remove Agent Bell)
Office @ Nerva Archipelago

This seems like any ordinary office, but you can already hear the sounds of Longbow weapons being primed.

Objective: You planted the false data.

Objective: You've dealt with Agent Arthur Bell.

ClueAgent Bell's Journal

You found this journal on the body of Agent Arthur Bell. It starts at his recruitment into LOngbow as an idealistic young man, and continues through his crime-fighting career. He never gave up, and never gave in. You can almost respect his dedication, despite all the trouble he's caused you. You flip to the end, and look at the last few pages:

'...have confirmed it. I think Prof. St. John-Smythe is wrong about the bio-reactive chamber. It's not a medical device. At least, it's not meant to be one. It maps points from Rikti physiology to Human physiology, and back again. I think it can change one of them to look like one of us! That's the final piece I needed. It explains all the background inconsistencies I found.'

What really gets me is that it (she?) didn't even have enough respect for us to change it's (her?) name. Kel'Uqa. Hah! It's almost funny.

Agent Arthur Bell [Elite Boss]
The Ballista are Longbow's heaviest hitters. These tankers are tough enough to withstand direct hits from rocket launchers, and can dish out enough damage to take out the toughest brute Arachnos can throw at them.

Mission Complete: You've terminated Longbow's investigation.

Kelly Uqua

I am very pleased at all that you've done. I beleive that this has been a most worthwhile association for both of us. So please, allow me to Provide Thanks: Dread Tomax for all the help you've given me and my people.

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