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Kelly Uqua

I'm very excited to be working with you, Dread Tomax, and I hope that this will be start of a very profitable working relationship. As you know, I specialize in acquiring new and exotic technologies for Crey Industries. This often means not only recovering the devices themselves, but also the often brilliant technicians who have built or who maintain or operate these technologies. Unfortunately, many of these same people are in very high demand, so sometimes it becomes neccessary to utilize non-conventional means to retain their services. Such a situation has recently arisen, and I need exactly the kind of non-conventional bargaining power you hve to get what Crey Industries need. Our objective is 3 technicians skilled with certain exotic technologies. Our opponent on the other end of the bargaining table is Arachnos. Let me know if you're interested in this position.

Thank you, Dread Tomax. I'm very glad to have your assistance in this matter. Arachnos recently aquired 3 specialists whom we here at Crey were attempting to recruit to assist our engineers in reverse-engineering some technology that we've recently received. We need you to enter the Arachnos base, locate the three specialists, and extricate them from that facility. You will almost certainly need to use force to do so.

Good luck.

Part 1: Recover Tech Specialists (1 tech specialist to recover, 2 technicians to rescue)
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago Arachnos

Something still doesn't seem right. It doesn't feel like a set-up, just that something's wrong somehow.

Mission Complete: You rescued all 3 of Kelly Uqua's 'tech specialists'!

ClueA Rikti?

At first you think there must be some mistake, but the strange alien in front of you seems to recognize you. You hear it's alien voice speaking in your mind:

'Recognition: Confirmation. Rescue Origin: Kelly Uqua. Further Assistance: Unnecessary: This Individual. Travel to Designated Point: Unassisted. Other Technicians: Severly Weakened. Other Technicians: Escort Required. Many Thanks: This Individual.'

Kelly Uqua

The technicians you recovered are now safely in Crey Industries employ. I'm certain that you noticed their unusual nature. I trust that you're not so short-sighted that you'll allow yourself to be blinded by old hatreds from the Rikti War. There are tremendous opportunities for technical advancement that can be gained through the study of Rikti Technology. Doing this often means associating with Rikti under controlled conditions. If this is distasteful to you, then perhaps we should consider someone else for future contracts. However, if what I've heard of you is true, that shouldn't be a problem. Was I correct?

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