Bocor's Friend


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Retrieve Bocor's Friend from the Circle of Thorns

Mr. Bocor

I need your assistance with a matter concerning a friend of mine. A lady friend. Recently she has been fascinated by the magics of the Circle of Thorns. While I cannot fault her lust for power, I believe in this case she may have underestimated the danger the Cricle can pose to one so gentle and trusting as she. I believe she is in great danger. If you would retrieve my lady friend from the Circle of Thorns, I will reward you handsomely. If you cannot manage it, we will no longer be working together, and you will probably be dead. Either way, I will have learned something valuable about you.

The lady in question made certain promises to me. I intend to make sure she does not wriggle free of them.

Part 1: Retrieve Olivia Starr
Tunnels @ Port Oakes Circle of Thorns

The sweet scent of cinnamon mingles disturbingly with the stink of sulfur.

Mission Complete: You rescued Olivia Starr from the Circle of Thorns.

Mr. Bocor

Thank you, my friend. Olivia is safe and sound again. And in time, I believe she will come to cherish her place in my affections. But for now, it's best that you don't mention her to anyone else. I would not want anyone to interfere in my personal affairs.

I think I can trust you with something a bit more dicey, Dread Tomax. You have proved your worth to me.

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