Unlock power of the destined one


Unlock power of destined one


You have returned once again, Dread Tomax! Perhaps you are one of Lord Recluse's destined ones after all. It remains to be seen.

The destined ones of Lord Recluse are marked by the Powers for greatness and imbued by the energies of fate. By paying proper homage to the Powers, you can unlock this greatness for all to see. There is a powerful and ancient Archmage known as Tarixus who lairs on Sharkhead Isle. Speak with him about unlocking the energies of the destined one.

Archmage Tarixus can be found in Potter's Field on Sharkhead Isle. Go there now!

Part 1: Speak with Archmage Tarixus
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle Circle of Thorns,Carnival of Shadows
Archmage Tarixus
Part 2: Find mystic artifacts

Objective: Upon the Carnival mistress you find ornate jewellry.

Mission Complete: You found the mystic artifacts!

Part 3: Offer artifacts to Powers (Offer artifacts to Powers, Fend off attackers!)

Objective: Your offering has been accepted!

Objective: You have fended off the attackers!

Mission Complete: You have unlocked the energies of the destined one!

You have unlocked the power of the destined one!


Something has changed in you. Perhaps Lord Recluse was correct about you. Most impressive.

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