Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls


Invade the Outcast hideouts

David Wincott

Thanks to your work against those Troll raiders, we've got the locations of two Outcast hideouts. The first is in an office the Outcsats have been using to store arms. It's led by a Shocker who calls himself Electric Eel. The second is an abandoned office, led by a Brick known as Bedrock. Intelligence thinks it's likely that Bedrock has a number of dangerous artifacts squirreled away there. Recover them, and you'll have my gratitude.

Watch yourself, Red Tomax. The Outcasts aren't keen on invaders.

Part 3: Defeat all Outcasts in base (4 weapon racks to confiscate)
Abandoned office @ The Hollows

The tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The air in here is electrically charged.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the first Outcast base.

Part 4: Defeat all Outcasts in 2nd base (3 artifacts to recover, Unlock the door!)
Abandoned office @ The Hollows

This old building has taken a beating. It looks like teh Outcasts are fond of practicing their powers here.

Objective: On one of the Outcasts, you found a key.

Objective: You found a worn tome.

ClueWorn Tome

You recovered this worn and moldy tome from an Outcasts' hideout. The strange, rusty red text appears to be Russian.

Objective: You found a coral bracelet.

ClueCoral bracelet

You recovered this bracelet from an Outcasts' hideout. When you touch the beads, your finger begins to bleed.

Objective: You found a strange skull.

ClueStrange skull

You recovered this skull from an Outcasts' hideout. It is highly similar to a human skull, but the bones are much thinner and more fragile.

Mission Complete: You cleare out Bedrock's base and recovered the dangerous artifacts.

David Wincott

You've done me proud, Red Tomax. This is a success I'll get to brag about back at the precinct. If you're still interested in what happens to the Hollows, I think you'll have to look further than my little beat. it's time for you to journey deeper into the Hollows and see what you can uncover.

I'd like to introduce you to a member of my team here in the Hollows. His name's Freddy Tindle, but these days he's more often known as Flux. Flux's deep under with the Outcasts, and he knows more about their local activities than anyone.

Hit the streets and put the hurt on the Outcasts

David Wincott

A lot of the worst violence in the Hollows happens right here in Cherry Hills. It's been here where the Trolls and Outcasts most frequently clash over territory. If you stick with me, I'll need you to go up against both groups from time to time. You're first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to hit the streets and put the hurt on the Outcasts. We need to create a buffer zone between them and the Trolls.

If you can keep the Outcasts off the streets, it might deter a little of the violence around here. My men and I would sure appreciate that.

Part 1: Combat Outcasts in Cherry Hills (Defeat 10 Outcasts)
Defeat x @ The Hollows Trolls ,Outcasts

Mission Complete: You have created a buffer zone between the Trolls and the Outcasts.

David Wincott

Good job, kid, good job. I've seen bigger heroes than you fall shotr when they go up against the Outcasts, but you handled yourself with style. In some ways, you remind me of me son, Sam. He was a brave, unflinching kind of kid.

Take on a few Trolls

David Wincott

After seeing you go toe to toe with the Outcasts, I think you're ready for the big leagues. The Trolls. The Outcasts are pesky, but the Trolls are the real tamale. They're tough, Incombustible. They're tough and they're brutal. I make no bones about it: I don't like Trolls. And I aim to make sure they don't like me.

If you're willing to help, I'd like you to take on a few of the Trolls in this area. Show them there's a new hero in the Hollows.

The Trolls have been attacking any building that contains an Outcast hideout. they've done a lot of structural damage, and the whole area is becoming a death trap. That's the problem I need you to fix.

Part 2: Combat Trolls in Cherry Hills (Defeat 10 Trolls)
Defeat x @ The Hollows

Mission Complete: On one of the Trolls, you found a list of Outcast hideouts.

ClueList of Outcast hideouts

This scribbled list enumerates two Outcast hideouts. The Trolls no doubt planned to attack these locations.

David Wincott

Outstanding! Not only did you keep the Trolls from attacking those Outcast hideouts, but you found an important clue. This list of Outcast hideouts should really help us in the fight to reclaim Cherry Hills.

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