Life and Death


Notable Foes

Help Ghost Widow get her body back

Ghost Widow

We've worked together for a while, you and I, and I think you have proven that I can trust you to help me, in even the most delicate of matters. Tell me, Dread Tomax, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a ghost? Immortal, untouchable, unchanging. By some standards, a perfect being. I won't deny that my existence has it's benefits, but I still long to be human again. I can't help it. The dead cannot change, and when you are dying you want nothing more than life. And now I may have found a way to return from this state and live once again. This is what I have been working towards. Dread Tomax, I want your help to bring me back to life.

I am close to developing a ritual that will help me reclaim my body, but I need some more information from the Circle of Thorns. Seek them out, and force them to tell you about a book called the Tome of Tormvodel.

Part 1: Question Circle mages (Defeat 30 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X Arachnos,Circle of Thorns

Mission Complete: ?

Ghost Widow

You never disappoint, Dread Tomax. I knew I could turn to you for results. Now, we must acquire this Tome of Tormvodel. I trust you will be your usual capable self.

Get the Tome of Tormvodel

Ghost Widow

If that Circle mystic can be believed, the Tome of Tormvodel contains the last secret I need to restore my life. You must get it from Nerva Archipelago at once.

I long, Dread Tomax, I hunger to once again shuffle on the mortal coil. Come back quickly.

Part 2: Get the Tome of Tormvodel
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago

If the mage was correct, the tome should be somewhere within these ancient halls.

Objective: You have the Tome of Tormvodel.

ClueTome of Tormvodel

This ancient tome, stolen from Oranbega, should provide the clues Ghost Widow needs to restore her mortal form.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the tome, as Ghost Widow requested.

Ghost Widow

The Tome of Tormvodel. The key to my mortality. Soon I will touch it with warm hands of living flesh, and look back on all these dark years lived in death's shadow as no more than a dream. But first, I must make certain that it will work. And oh, do I have a plan for that.

Test the ceremony

Ghost Widow

We now have the spell that will turn me human once more. And thogh I yearn for life with every echo of my ghostly heart, my years in Arachnos have taught me, often painfully, to retain my caution. The Circle was almost too willing to give up that spell, and I think that it might be a trap. So, I will test this new process, and I know just the sibject. Unfortunately, Lord Recluse might not be happy with the idea. So, I'm going to need you to get a few things for me.

Our subject will be someone who was once very dear to Lord Recluse. Sometimes I think I feel her spirit around these islands still. It is on her that we shall test the ritual. I know of an Arachnos base where many of her belongings are kept. Go there, and bring me all that you can. In order to keep our secret a little longer, you must leave no witnesses within.

Part 3: Defeat all Arachnos troops (3 items to steal)
Arachnos base @ Grandville

You have entered these bases both as ally and adversary. You have no illusions that Ghost Widow's blessing will protect you in here.

Objective: You have found some spellbooks.


You stole these books form an Arachnos base. They belonged to the spirit Ghost Widow intends to enchant.

Objective: You have found a long, red cloak.

ClueRed cloak

You stole this cloak from an Arachnos base. It belonged to the spirit Ghost Widow intends to enchant.

Objective: You have found a tall, red hat.

ClueRed hat

You stole this hat from an Arachnos base. It belonged to the spirit Ghost Widow intends to enchant.

Mission Complete: You have the spirit's possessions.

Ghost Widow

Wonderful. These items once belonged to the woman who stood at Lord Recluse's side. The dreaded Red Widow. She perished in an avalanche while Lord Recluse battled Statesman, or so it is said. Sometimes I think Lord Recluse still thinks of her. With these, we shall test the ritual, and see if we can restore her to life. What happens to her afterward? That is a question I shall have to ponder.

Test the ceremony on Red Widow

Ghost Widow

Dread Tomax, I have thought it over at some length, and have come to a decision. I wish to test this ceremony, but I do not truly wish to make Red Widow live again. No. Were she to live once more, she would likely be able to wrest control of the Widows and Fortunatas from me. And I cannot allow that to happen. In order to complete the ceremony without rendering her solid, you will need a vessel for her spirit, such as a Circle of Thorns soul crystal. Seek out one of these crystals, perform the ceremony, and bring Red Widow's spirit back to me.

What will I do once I have Red Widow's spirit in my grasp? It is hard to say, Dread Tomax. No witnesses or clues remain to implicate us in the theft of her belongings. And once you have the soul crystal, there will be nothing to stop us.

Do you know that Lord Recluse call me by her name, once? He confided his uncertainty about an upcoming operation to me, and then told me that he felt he could trust me above all others. And it was minutes later that I realized he had called me by her name, and not my own. no. It's best not to think of what will become of Red Widow. I think it is better if you do not wonder.

Part 4: Test ceremony on Red Widow (Utilize Soul Crystal)
Oranbega @ Grandville

Somewhere herein, you must find a soul crystal. That shall be the trap for Red Widow's soul.

Mission Complete: You have captured the soul of Red Widow!

ClueThe soul of Red Widow

This clear crystal is lit by a reddish light, and contains the captured soul of the Red Widow. You have to wonder whether holding this thing is entirely safe.

Ghost Widow

So you were able to draw out her soul? Excellent! Let me have it. Now, I will prepare some basic tests, and quickly.

The soul of Red Widow, at last. Who is my lord's pet now, vile creature? I have always known that you were weaker than me.

Talk to Arbiter Daos

Ghost Widow

You must go at once to Nerva Archipelago. Arbiter Daos has summoned you. He would not tell me his purpose, and I have no authority to compel him to answer. Whatever he wants, please dispense with it quickly. He probably has some errand for the glory of Arachnos. Which is important, of course, but not something I can be bothered with. I must work out the extent of the ceremony, and prepare it. This should buy some time to do so.

Daos may know of our actions, but I doubt he knows the purpose. I urge you to tell him nothing he has not already uncovered!

Part 5: Talk to Arbiter Daos
Delivery @ Grandville
Arbiter Daos

Welcome, Dread Tomax. I believe you have put yourself in an unfortunate predicament, and I am here to give you the chance to extricate yourself. First of all, do not attempt to act innocent. Yes, I know everything that's happened and I know what's being planned. Ghost Widow has far underestimated my intelligence gathering, and she's going to pay for that. Ghost Widow's actions against Red Widow are unforgivable, and she must be punished for them. Normally, you would be executed for your part in this, but Lord Recluse believes that you may have a greater destiny, and has decided to spare your life and possibly even promote you, if you are willing to betray Ghost Widow and mete out her punishment.

Your first task is to recover the Red Widow's soul. Take ths false crystal, go to the Widow's tower in Mercy Island, and replace the rystal with the decoy. When that's done, return to me.

ClueA false soul

This Circle of Thorns soul crystal contain one soul. You hear the anguished cry of an innocent woman when you touch it, but it is not the Red Widow. Rather, it's some poor victim of Arachnos used to make this false crystal.

Part 6: Replace Crystals (Switch the crystals)
Arachnos base @ Mercy Island

You remember the first time you saw the Widow's Tower, when you arrived at Mercy Island. Who'd have thought it would come to this?

Objective: You replaced the real crystal with the fake one.

ClueThe soul of Red Widow

This clear crystal is lit by a reddish light, and contains the captured soul of the Red Widow. You have to wonder whether holding this thing is entirely safe.

Objective: You have replaced the real crystal with the fake one. Betraying Ghost Widow may not be smart, but it's got to be better than betraying Lord Recluse. Now, to give the real crystal to Arbiter Daos.

Mission Complete: You switched the crystals

Part 7: Return crystal to Daos
Delivery @ Grandville
Arbiter Daos

My Lord Recluse will be glad to have this. And that gratitufe will almost be enough to spare your life, despite your part in all of this. Do one more thing, and not only will you be forgiven your trespasses, but you may well be rewarded. When Ghost Widow attempts to restore her life, you are to use that moment to strike her down once more. Her soul will resume it's ghostly un-life, and once more be bound to Arachnos.

The Red Widow was one of Lord Recluse's most trusted assistants. It was she who assassinated the original leader of Arachnos, leaving our Lord in charge. And, over all the years he has been in power, Lord Recluse hs never forgotten this. Remember that. Lord Recluse never forgets. And if you fail to mete out the punishment I decree for Ghost Widow, Lord Recluse will not forget that, either.

I have often thought our poor Ghost Widow might hold a hatred for Red Widow. A rivalry, of sorts, though the two have never met. They are both beautiful ghosts who still haunt Arachnos, though in different ways. Maybe it is jealousy that drove Ghost Widow to this? n the end, it doesn't matter. Just remember your part. Instead of helping return to life, you are to defeat her.

Ghost Widow

You return, my Dread Tomax, and alive. That can only mean that Daos knows nothing. if he suspected anything, he surely would have had you... Dealt with.

Did that sound callous of me? It's difficlut to tell. The dead often forget the perils of the living. It will be so strange to experience it all once more.

I now stand on the cusp of mortality, and I have you to thank. I will not forget this moment, I assure you.

Perform the ceremony

Ghost Widow

Whatever Arbiter Daos wanted from you, it need not delay my ceremony any longer. I will be flesh again, Dread Tomax! I will walk these streets once more!

You must go to the tunnels of Mu once more. There, you can enact the ritual that will make me mortal at last!

Part 8: Betray Ghost Widow (Trap Ghost Widow, Defeat Ghost Widow!)
Oranbega @ Grandville

Ghost Widow has no idea that Arbiter Daos has ordered you to stop this.

Objective: Ghost Widow is now trapped between life and death.

Ghost Widow [Arch-Villain]
Beautiful, mysterious, and deadly. Ghost Widow appears to be an actual spirit from beyond the grave rather than a super with some sort of incorporeal power. Some have said she was once a rising star in the Night Widows when she was slain. Her thirst for vengeance must have been great, for she returned from the void and now serves at Recluse's side. There are rumours that her service isn't entirely voluntary, however.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Ghost Widow!

Ghost Widow

Arbiter Daos was waiting for me the moment I returned to my ghostly form. He told me everything. So, Dread Tomax, you chose to obey Arbiter Daos, and to betray me. An interesting choice. One that secures your future within Arachnos, but does considerable damage to our relationship. But don't think that I'm mad, or will seek revenge. Such passions are the folly of the living. No, I will do as I have been ordered. I will free the soul of Red Widow, as Arbiter Daos commands. But I will have to give great consideration to which task I give you next.

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