Rob Peregrine Island Bank


Temporary Powers

Regeneration Increase Regeneration Increase
Auto: +Regeneration

Notable Foes

Rob Peregrine Island Bank

Ian the Shark

Ready to cause some mayhem in Paragon City? Go to Peregrine Island and hit one of the banks there. Once you hit Peregrine Island you'll have 15 minutes to rob the bank and escape.

Be careful! The Freedom Phalanx, the Vindicators and WISDOM have been seen in the area, if you bring more than a few villains with you they might take notice!

This is a Mayhem Mission. You can earn extra time by destroying property and creating diversions away from the bank itself.

Each type of item rewards a single time bonus after you destroy a certain number of that item. For each person on your team, you will need to destroy more of that particular item to get the time bonus.

Five side missions can be found on this map. Keys (found by defeating certain enemies) are needed to unlock these side missions. Each completed side mission also rewards a time bonus.

Every character that is at least level 45 recieves a special temporary power the first time they successfully complete this mission.

Expect some resistance from Longbow. They've been monitoring the activities of villains in the Rogue Isles for quite some time.

Part 1: Rob Peregrine Island Bank (Steal money from vault, Defeat hero to escape!)
Mayhem Mission [Peregrine Island]

You take a flyer straight over the war wall and into Peregrine Island. Rob the bank and cause some destruction!

Objective: You stole the money!

Synapse [Hero]
Steven Berry was just an average man, until Crey Industries got hold of him. They Crey scientists were testing a number of radical procedures for inducing super powers. Steven was blasted with high doses of electricity for days. It amplified the electrical energy in his body, giving him the ability to harness it into super speed and electrical blasts. Synapse escaped Crey's clutches by shorting out the lab where he was kept prisoner. To this day, Crey executives deny any knowledge of the project in which Synpase was an unwilling participant.

Mission Complete: You robbed the bank in Kings Row!

Regeneration Increase Regeneration Increase
Auto: +Regeneration
Gate Crasher
[-1153, 0, -3079]
Ian the Shark

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! You have spread mayhem in Peregrine Island!

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