Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Baphomet, Arch-Villain (Circle of Thorns)

Stop the dark summonings of the Circle of Thorns

Magus Mu'Drakhan

Dread Tomax! I must task you with an urgent mission! The foul Circle of Thorns are even now preparing a dread ritual upon Thorn Isle! They seek to bring a fell beast from the netherworld forth as a weapon against the people of Mu! I would task you to stop them, and see that the beast, this Baphomet, does not escape into our world!

Gather a strong gang of cronies about you. If and when Baphomet should appear, you will need all the power you can muster. And what is more, this ritual nears completion! You shall have less than 2 hours to stop the dark summonings of the Circle of Thorns!

The initial segment of the Circle's dread ritual draws near it's end. But, even if they bring forth the dreaded Baphomet, they must still bind it to this world. Your task is to stop them before they can accomplish this second task. Destroy each group performing a magical ritual. There should be 9 of them. Be warned that other fiends may come through before the great beast, but that Baphomet himself will follow. If the rituals are halted, Baphomet will be forced to return to the abyss.

Now go! Time is of the essence. You have but 2 hours. Make the most of it!

Part 1: Destroy Circle Rituals - 2:00:00 (9 rituals to stop)
Instanced Outdoor [Thorn Isle, Nerva Archipelago] @ Nerva Archipelago Circle of Thorns

The Circle of Thorns have forced almost everything else off thorn Island for the duration of their ritual.

Objective: You have stopped a ritual!

Objective: You have defeated Baphomet before it could be bound!

Baphomet [Arch-Villain]
The Baphomet is the oldest and most feared of the Behemoth Lords. The ground beneath its cloven feet burns with its own internal fire.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Circle, and prevented the binding of baphomet.

Magus Mu'Drakhan

You arrive beofre me wreathed in victory! The descendants of Mu shall not forget your efforts against the machinations of the Circle of Thorns. I shall pass on word of your considerable power and skill to Lord Recluse himself for your efforts on this day.

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