Take down Longbow Agents

Kristof Jaeger

People of the street say you're a tough customer who's not afraid of much. All I know is I need someone who isn't afriad to do some damage to Longbow. So you need to prove youreself to me. Take down some Longbow Agents.

Oh, I sent a tip to Longbow about your intent. Expect a welcoming commitee!

Part 1: Take down Longbow Agents (Defeat 20 Longbow)
Defeat X Arachnos,Longbow,Crey

Mission Complete: You defeated the Longbow Agents!

Kristof Jaeger

Nice work! I think I can work with you after all.

Get intel report from Arachnos

Kristof Jaeger

Now that you've proven your loyalty by taking down these Longbow Agents, it's time to get to the main operation. Arachnos has got some intel on the new Longbow retinal scan technology. Head over to Sharkhead Isle and get the intel report.

Keep an eye out for Longbow agents. They defintely know we're up to something.

Part 2: Get intel report from Arachnos
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Operative Kirkland

Ah, Dread Tomax, it's you. Jaeger just informed me about your coming.

Here's the intellgence report. Many Blood Widows died to get that report... in any case, use it to good effect!

ClueIntelligence Report

This is an Arachnos intel report on the latest updates to Longbow security measures. The main update is an advanced retinal scan technology integrated into their high-security bases.

Mission Complete: You got the intel report.

ClueIntelligence Report

This is an Arachnos intel report on the latest updates to Longbow security measures. The main update is an advanced retinal scan technology integrated into their high-security bases.

Kristof Jaeger

So, this is the intel report, eh? Looks like Longbow really has tighened down it's security. This will make our work marginally more difficult.

Steal retinal duplicator

Kristof Jaeger

Longbow has beefed up their security by adding in an advanced retinal scan technology in their high security bases. This may cause problems with our main plan, so we need a means to overcome this obstacle.

Through my own spy netowrk I've discovered Crey has been developing some interesting security countermeasures, including a retinal copy devices which allows you to duplicate retinal prints! This sounds like just whta we need to overcome the new Longbow security. Head over to the Crey lab and steal the retinal duplicator.

Crey has some heavy security in their labs, so expect a lot of resistance.

Part 3: Steal retinal duplicator (Steal tech, Defeat guards to escape)
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago

The sign on the door says, 'Crey Restricted Zone'.

Objective: You found something

ClueRetinal Duplicator

This device looks like a set of binoculars with all manner of electronics added to it. It is capable of duplicating the retinal print of someone.

Mission Complete: You got the retinal duplicator!

Kristof Jaeger

You stole the retinal duplicator? Nice work. Now we just need someone appropraite to use it on...

Steal Longbow personnel files

Kristof Jaeger

Alright, Dread Tomax, things are going according to plan. The retinal duplicator you stole from the Crey lab will allow us to get past the new Longbow retinal scanners. But before we do that, we need to fin someone within Longbow who we can copy the retinal print from! Break into a Longbow administrative office and steal their personnel files.

Once we have the personnel files we should be able to find a decent target to kidnap and use the retinal duplicator on.
Part 4: Steal Longbow personnel files (Find personnel files)
Office @ Nerva Archipelago

You slip into the office in search of the personnel files.

Objective: You found nothing

Objective: You found something

CluePersonnel files

This is stack of files you stole from a Longbow administrative office. It details Longbow personnel in Crimson Cove. One of the people here will be the target of the retinal duplicator device you stole from Crey.

Mission Complete: You found the personnel files!

Kristof Jaeger

You got the files? Excellent! I'll look them over and find a good target.

Kidnap Dr. Franklin Vimes

Kristof Jaeger

I've looked over the personnel files you stole from that Longbow administrative office, and I think I've got a prime target to use the retinal duplicator on. Dr. Franklin Vimes is a long-time researcher for Longbow, and is considered above reproach. He is currently returning by ship from Paragon City. Kidnap Dr. Vimes so we can use the retinal duplicator on him.

Expect Longbow Agents on the ship. They like having their people well protected in the Rogue Isles.

Part 5: Kidnap Dr. Franklin Vimes
@ Nerva Archipelago

The ship rocks gently in the water.

Mission Complete: You kidnapped Dr. Vimes!

Kristof Jaeger

Excellent work. We used the retinal duplicator on him, so we should be able to get past Longbow security no problem.

Set bombs in Longbow base

Kristof Jaeger

I bet you've been wondering what our work has been leading up to - the interl reports, the retinal scanner, the kidnapping. It's come down to this: Longbow has a high security base in Crimson Cove that Arachnos has been trying to penetrate for months. The problem is that the Longbow security is just too good. Arachnos Operatives acting as moles always get discovered, and any spy devices always get detected. Any direct assault by Arachnos is sure to be repelled because of their security lockdown protocols. Now that we have a way to bypass the main security, we can send someone in to plant bombs at the base's weak points and blow it sky high! Head over to the Longbow base and set the bombs.

This is a vital base for Longbow. Expect heavy resistance.

Part 6: Set bombs in Longbow base (5 bombs to set)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

You use the retinal duplicator to get past security and slip into the Longbow base.

Mission Complete: You set the bombs!

You hear the thunder of the bombs deep within the Longbow base!

Kristof Jaeger

Excellent! It'll take Longbow months to rebuild!

I'm glad I chose to work for the winning side of this battle!

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