The Missing Maidens


Investigate the disappearances

Jezebel Jones

I hope you're as capable as your reputation claims. I hope you are, because the tasks I'll set before you are dangerous. I'm a woman who's used to assessing and managing risk, and if I don't think you can do the job, we'll go our seperate ways. Is that clear, cowboy?

Now, your task. Two of my girls have gone missing, along with the client who requested their services. I've got a duty to protect my girls, and a very strong interest in finding that client. I need you to investigate these disappearances.

The last time the girls were heard from, they were going to meet the client at his office. You should really start there.

Part 1: Investigate disappearance (Seek clues)
Office @ St. Martial Carnival of Shadows

You hear a high pitched giggle.

Objective: You found a note.

ClueStrange note

You found this note at the last known location of Jezebel's girls. It appears to be in some kind of code.

Mission Complete: You have a clue to the girls' disappearance!

Jezebel Jones

This letter was meant to be read only by me. It says the Carnival came in and grabbed our client, Richard Thornbush. Says they ran him ragged and them dumped him at sea. According to this, Ruby and Belle made it out of there alive, but they're scared of the Carnival and don't want to resurface. I don't blame them.

Check our Ruby's old hideout

Jezebel Jones

It sounds like my girls are running acared from the Carnival. Well, I'm not about to write them off. Especially not with Hardcase looking over my shoulder. We're going to find out where they're hiding and bring them back home. To start with, I need you to check out an old hideout where Ruby used to stay before I got her off the streets. Maybe you can find something there.

I'll have enough trouble covering up my missing client. If I can find Ruby and Belle, it'll be a lot easier.

Part 2: Investigate disappearance (Defeat Ruby, Defeat Belle)
Abandoned Office @ St. Martial

It looks like the Carnival may have already beaten you to the girls' hideout.

Objective: Belle snarled, 'I should have knonw that two-bit hussy wouldn't let us go!'

ClueBelle's Story

When you defeated one of Jezebel's missing girls, she told you:

'I should have known that two-bit ussy would never let us go! At least we got the beter of her. We've been selling her clients' secrets to Madam Kay for years!'

Mission Complete: You have found Jezebel's missing girls. And defeated them!

Jezebel Jones

I can scarcely believe it. Not only were my missing girls secretly Carnival mistresses, they were selling my secrets for top dollar. I've got to put a stop to this, Dread Tomax. If you know anything about my business, you know that discretion is everything.

Track down Madam Kay

Jezebel Jones

My girls turned out to be traitors, Dread Tomax, and I've got to clean up their mess. According to Belle, they were selling my clients' secrets to some Carnival mistress called Madam Kay. We've got to track down this madam and put an end to her little espionage ring for good. Find her, Dread Tomax. Find her and stop her.

I need everyone that woman is working with taken care of, Dread Tomax. Plain and simple. You should be able to find the Carnival over in Fortune's Wheel. Just watch out; it's a dangerous area.

Part 3: Question St. Martial carnies (Defeat 10 Carnies)
Defeat X @ St. Martial

Mission Complete: One of the carnies you defeated gave up the location of Madam Kay's hideout.

ClueThe carnie's story

One of the carnies you defeated whined, 'Ok, ok, ok! I'll give you Kay! She keeps a hideout out in Black Mariah. But you gotta promise not to say it was me who told you!

Part 4: Defeat all carnies in warehouse (Rescue missing client, Lead Richard out)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

A sultry tune drifts through these hallways.

Mission Complete: You have wiped out Madam Kay's espionage ring.

Jezebel Jones

Well, this turned out nicely. Madam Kay's espionage ring is kaput, and I even got me wayward client back. He's lookign to sue, but I think my hospitality can convince him that it isn't his wisest move. My reputation is intact, and that means a lot to me, Dread Tomax. You sure earned your fee this time.

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