The Tainted Water of the Well of the Furies


  • CategorySpecial Event
  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsScratch (Pocket D)
  • Level Range1 - 40
  • Badge Handsome/Beautiful Eros can bring out the beauty in any being.

Temporary Powers

Nectar Nectar
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Confuse, Placate

Find out where Arachnos has the cauldron and report back here


DJ Zero found out that Lord Recluse has a cauldron of water from the well of the furies and is going to use it to create an army of super-soldiers. This spells bad news for the Destined Ones, as they will no longer fit into Lord Recluses' plan. His ultimate goal is to stock Arachnos with unstoppable soldiers and ship all the villains back to Paragon City. As long as that cauldron exists, villains are threatened with replacement and heroes are threatened with Paragon being overrun by exiled super criminals. This will be a hard task and you should utilize the talents of both Heroes and Villains. Start by going to the Circle of Thorns group they stole the cauldron from. They may have an idea where to find it. Find out where Arachnos has the cauldron and report back here.

Okay Dread Tomax, head over to Rettigol's Circle of Thorns coven and shake them up to see if they know where the cauldron is. These guys have some wierd magics going on so there's a good chance they'll still be connected to it somehow. If you need a littel extra oomph, go see Chilly or Dram upstairs and but a Dimension Drop power or two.

Part 1: Defeat Terrigol
Oranbega @ Pocket D Arachnos,Circle of Thorns

These caverns sound more hollow than normal for some strange reason.

Mission Complete: After putting the question to Terrigol's coven you managed to discover where Arachnos is keeping the cauldron.

ClueCauldron location

You have discovered where the mystical cauldron is being kept.


Not bad, not bad.

Get a Hero to the cauldron and destroy it


Now that DJ Zero knows where the cauldron is he wants you to hunt it down and destroy it. There's one catch though, that thing can only be crushed by someone who is 'pure of heart'. You believe that trash? Anyway, you'll have to take some Hero along with you to bust the cauldron up. Thing's will be easier if you get one of the Dimension Drop powers from Chilly or Dram upstairs. Get a Hero to the cauldron and destroy it.

Make sure you have some 'perfect angel' in tow as you gate crash the Arachnos complex. You'll have to fight your way in and let the good guys to the final deed it seems. While you're at it bring back a sample of the tainted water so DJ Zero can see what they're trying to do with it.

Part 2: Destory mystical cauldron (Destroy the cauldron!)
Arachnos base @ Pocket D

You smell a foul odour from further in this complex.

Objective: You find an access key!

Objective: You shatter the cauldron and scoop up some of the tainted water to bring back to the Pocket D.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the cauldron and retrieved some of the tainted water of the Well of the Furies.

Nectar Nectar
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Confuse, Placate
Awarded for completing the mission. You must also acompany a hero on a mission to recover the Girdle of Aphrodite for Ganymede.

That's all from me.

Yeah you did it alright. Now that you're a big hotshot why don't you let me introduce you to DJ Zero? He's got something that needs taking care of if you catch my drift.

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