The Praetorian War


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • ContactsTina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
  • Level Range40 - 45
  • Badge Entrusted with the Secret You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel. You can find the power to summon forth a portal there in your Temporary Power tray.

Notable Foes

Look into disturbance at a Portal Corp lab

Tina Macintyre

My scanners are picking up some strange activity in one of Portal Corporation's labs. The techs there aren't answering their phones, and I'm worried something has gone wrong again. I fear the worst, and if this is anything like last time, we are going to need some strong heroes to help out. I was hoping I could ask you to check it out.

It might be nothing, but then again, it might be really dangerous. Make sure you bring a friend or two along to help.

Part 1: Defeat raid leader & its crew (4 network nodes to secure, Rescue technician!)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island Praetorians

You can smell the distinct odour of ozone and energy plasma in the air. A portal to another world must have been opened in here recently.

Mission Complete: On one of the strange blue Clockwork, you found a map of Peregrine Island.

ClueMap of Peregrine Island

You found this map on one ofthe strange blue Clockwork you defeated. There are several locaitns on the map. All of them are Portal Corporation labs.

Part 2: Secure network in lab - 10:00 (4 network nodes to secure)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

This is one of the labs marked on the Clockwork's map. You sniff the air. A portal was definitely opened here recently.

Mission Complete: You have secured the network. No one can access the secret data now.

ClueDPS energy readings

Tins Macintre informed you that the Dimensional-Photonic Shift readings are currently off the scale. This means that severeportal activity has recently occured,and probably will occur again in the nearfuture.

Mission Failed: Your adversary has stolen the secrets behind portal technology.

Tina Macintyre

Wow, that was amazing work. You shut down the network before those robots could get any useful informaiton from that lab. Unfortunately, som eof our other labs weren't so lucky. Whoever sent those Clockwork now has their hands on the theorem behind portal technology. What really scares me is the increase in DPS, or Dimensional-Photon Shift energy around Peregrine now. I think it's a sign of bigge things to come.

On failure:
There wasn't much you could do for that lab, Red Tomax. Whoever wanted the data on the portal technology really knew right where to hit us. They have the theorem for dimensional portals now, and who knows what they intend to do with it. What really scares me though is the increase in DPS, or Dimensional-Photon Shift energy around Peregrine Island right now. I think it's a sign of bigger things to come.

Check out the temporal disturbance

Tina Macintyre

Portal Corporation is reading a very strange temporal disturbance from a nearby dimension. There's no telling what's going on, but I've learned that when somthing's amuck in the multi-verse, sooner or later it affects Paragon City. I need you tocheck out the temporal disturbance. If there's anything amiss, you'll need to rectify the situation.

I don't know what you'll face thee, Red Tomax. You'd bets be prepared.

Part 3: Stop the temporal disturbance (Find Dr. Calvin, 5 devices to destroy)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The sun bounds across the sky in mere minutes to be repaced by an equally fleet-footed moon.

Mission Complete: You stopped the temporal disturbance.

Tina Macintyre

So, some strange robots caused that temporal disturbance, huh? I thikn we should find out where they're from and put a stop to their temporal shenanigans. I'll get to work on it right away.

Scout out the lab

Tina Macintyre

While you were dealing with the temporal disturbance, our scientists have analyzed the portals that let all those strange Clockwork robots into ortal Corporation's labs. We think we've found their point of origin: an orbital laboratory on a dimension designated Upsilon Beta 9-6. I'd like you to scout out that lab and see what's going on there. We can't afford more attacks like the last one.

Anythign you can find out will help.

Part 4: Defeat all robots in lab (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

A great energy hums through the floor plates beneath your feet. Everything about this orbital lab is state of the art.

Objective: You found sme interesting files!

ClueAnti-Matter's files

You downloaded these files from a computer on Anti-Matter's orbital sace lab. They contain detailed documentation on Anti-Matter's recent rupture through to Paragon Cty. They also contain blueprints for anti-Matter's robots, along with some photographs. In one of the photos, Anti-Matter himself is pictured. Although the colour of his armour is a little off, you're astounded to realize how greatly Anti-Matter represents Positron.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and found some interesting files!

Tina Macintyre

You're right, Red Tomax, the villain in this photograph certainly looks like Postron. In fact, he looks an awful lot like Positron. Well, he may look like a hero we all know and love, but if ths Anti-Matter really is behind the invasions into Portal Corporation labs, he's got to be stopped.

Look for a conection between Clockwork World and Anti-Matter

Tina Macintyre

This vilain Anti-Matter seems to be in control of a large army ofClockwork robots. They'remuch tougher than the Clockwork on our world, but I think I have an adea of where they're coming from. Portal Corporation's charted a dimension inhabited entirely by Clockwork minions. I want you to go there and see if you canfind any connection between those Clockwork and Anti-Matter.

If Anti-Mater is taking his troops from Clockwork World, maybe we can cut off his supply.

Here's a dimensional residue scanner. If the Clockwork you find have been in contact with anything from Anti-Matter's dimension, this little gem will let us know. It'll beep when it's colected a large enough sample of data.

ClueDimesional residue scanner

This handhed device will determine whether any ofthe robots on Clcokwork World have ever been in contact with anything from Anti-Mater's dimension.

Part 5: Get data by defeating robots
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

Yours seems to the only human presence on this planet.

Mission Complete: The scanner has a large enough body of data, but you were unable to find any connection bewteen Anti-Matter and Clockwork World.

Tina Macintyre

Well, that mission was a dud, huh, Red Tomax? No confirmed connection between Anti-Matter and Clockwork World. Based on your lack of evidence, and the radiation abilities of Anti-Matter's Clockwork, I'm willing to totally rule out any connection. Anti-Matter is geting his Clockwork troops from somewhere else.

Stop the battle

Tina Macintyre

The good newsis, I've got a lead on Anti-Matter and his strage blue Clockwork. The bad news is, they're rigt here in Paragon City! They're battling the Carnival of Shadows in an office complex, Waxahachie Park. You've got to get over there and stop that battle! People's businesses, not to mention their lives, are at stake!

We'vegot a force field set up to contain the battle. Just take the Light Rail over to Waxahachie; the force field operators have instructions to let you in.

Part 6: Defeat all villains in area
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Waxahachie Park

People run screaming in the streets.

Mission Complete: You stoppped the battle.

Tina Macintyre

Thanks to you, there weren't any casualties in Waxahachie Park. I wonder what that battle was all about, anyway. Is the Carnival working against Anti-Matter's Clockwork? We need to check this lead out.

Look for a connection between the Carnival and Anti-Matter

Tina Macintyre

That battle between the Carnival and Anti-Matter's Clockwork was certainly interesting. Could it be that the Carnival is somehow working agaist Anti-Matter? This inquiring mind wants to know. I've got a lead on a Carnival base I'd like you to check out. Look for any connection to Anti-Matter's plans, then report back here.

We need some answers, Red Tomax. If Anti-Matter's making progres in his efforts to invade ths dimension, we need to find out.

Part 7: Defeat all carnies in warehouse
Warehouse @ Random

A tinny versionof 'As Time GoesBy' plays on the Carnival's sound system.

Mission Complete: One of the carnies you defeated gasped, 'The Clockwork mistook us for someone else!'

ClueThe carnie's story

One of the carnies you defeated told you:

'you think we're involved with those radioactive Clockwork? Hah! The Clockwork don't even know who we are! They thought we were called the Carnival of Light. Sorry, Charlie, but you won't find any information here! Looks like you're barking up the wrong tree.'

Tina Macintyre

So the battle between the Carnival and Anti-Matter's Clockwork wa alla result ofmistaken identity? Looks like we're clueless once more. We neeto find out more about Anti-Matter's plans, and weneedto do it quickly. Red Tomax, it's time to take action.

Search Anti-Matter's orbital lab for any clue to his next move

Tina Macintyre

We've had no luck finding a lead on Anti-Matter's plans, Red Tomax, so we're going to have to go back to the source. I'm sending you back to Anti-Matter's home dimension. I needyou to search Anti-Matter's orbital lab for any clue to his next move. Be careful out there, Red Tomax. I get the feeling that Anti-Mater is a cunning enemy, and a determined one. He won't take kindly to another invasion of his lab.

Learn whatever you can, then report back to me.

Part 8: Defeat Anti-Matter & his men (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The lab's bitter chill reminds you that the vacuum of space is right outside.

Objective: You found a disturbing print out.

CluePrint out

You took this print out from a machine in Anti-Matter's lab. It appears to be a record of your movements between dimensions. Each time you enterhis lab, Anti-Matter gets closer to pinpointing the exact dimensional signature of your home world. This information will allow Anti-Matterto execute an invasion much more effectively. Instead of opening portals to random locations on your world, he'll be able to target specific areas. This would allow him to move his troops in quickly and effectively.

Anti-Matter [Arch-Villain]
Trapped within his powered armour, Anti-Matter used to be Tyrants primary scientific consultant. He and Neuron were once best of friends and created the Clockwork of Praetorian Earth together. Of late his theories have been more and more radical causing Tyrant to lean on Neuron for research and analysis. Unbeknownst to anyone Anti-Matter had cracked the Portal tech. He is waiting to reveal his breakthrough in order to garner favour from Tyrant and his true love, Dominatrix.

Mission Complete: When Anti-Matter disappeared, he left you with a warning.

ClueAnti-Matter's warning

When Anti-Mater disappeared, he tol you:

'You cannot stop me from seizing your dimension! Tyrant will know my worth, and your people will know sufering!'

Tina Macintyre

So, Anti-Matter's trying to coordinate a full-scale invasion of Paragon City. That's bad, red Tomax; that's very very bad. We'll just have to find a way to stop him. All I can say is, I'm glad to have you working with me on this.

Stop the Clockwork

Tina Macintyre

I've received a cal for help from Dr. Calvin, the scientist from that world with the wonky time. He says that those strange Clockwork are back, and they're bent on speeding time up once more. You remember what happened last time; everyone on the planet went crazy from the continual shifting between day and night. You've got to et to Dr. Calvin's world and stop the Clockwork, You're that planet's only hope.

Calvin says the Clockwork have already repaled seeral of the devices. You'll have to dismantle them.

Part 9: Stop robots speeding up time. (4 devices to destroy)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The ticking and clicking of Clockwork robots can be heard throughout the streets.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Clockwork from distorting this dimension's time.

Tina Macintyre

he Clockwork who were trying to accelerate time were silver? Not blue, like Anti-Mater's? I wonder if they're a different faction of his army, or another group ltogether? Puzzling, RedTomax. Quite puzzling indeed.

Link the silver Clockwork to Anti-Matter

Tina Macintyre

Those silver Clockwork seem bound and deterined to accelerate the time in Dr. Calvin's dimension. Well, we can't let that continue. The technicians have been trying to trace the Clockwork to their dimension of origin, and they've had some limited success. The silver Clockwork have a hefty dimensional scrambler guarding their lab; so far it's prevented us from figuring out which dimension they're in. But even without that information, we can trace their energy signature and open a portal into their lab. I need you to get to that lab and see if you can link the silver Clockwork to Anti-Matter.

We know Anti-Matter's planning to invade Paragon City. It's absolutely critical that we thwart his plans before they get off the ground.

Part 10: Investigate Clockwork lab (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The cacophony coming from the lab's overhead speakers sounds like it could be music. But its pace is far too rapid to appeal to your ear.

Objective: You copied some data onto a disk.

ClueNeuron's files

While invetigating the siver Clockwork's base, you found files documenting their efforts to accelerate the time on Dr. Calvin's world. They were trying to speed up time in order to provide a haven for Neuron, the supervillain who created them.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to the silver Clockwork's plans.

Tina Macintyre

Based on these files you found, it sounds as though the silver Clockwork aren't conected to Anti-Matter at all. I have to say, though, this Neuron seems like an equally twisted character. hehad the silver Clockwork tyto radically alter aother dimension, just to suit his won preferencs? That's awful. It sounds like we have two villains to keep an eye on now.

Go to Jamison Office Park and clear the villains out

Tina Macintyre

Red Tomax, Portal Corporation's facing another major security breach! A cat-like entity from another dimension has been spotted in Jamison Office Park, and she and her friends are causing quite a bit of chaos. We've got the situation locked down, but there's a lot of important infrastructure in that area. I'd feel a lot better if you'd get over to Jamison Office Park and clear that kitty out.

We don't know where these cat people are coming from. It's possible that they're related to nti-Matters planned invasion, so keep your eyes peeled for clues.

Part 11: Defeat all villains in area
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Jamison Office Park

You hear a deep-throated murmour that could be a growl or a purr.

Bobcat [Arch-Villain]
Bobcat is a scientific hybrid between a woman and a feline predator. It took many painful operations to get her to the state she is now in, so her state of mind is violent and feral. Neuron is the only person she trusts, and her instincts even override that at times.

Mission Complete: You defeated Bobcat and her minions.

Tina Macintyre

It sounds to me like those cat people were more of Neuron's minions. In fact, it sounds as if Neuron and Anti-Matter know each other! I'm pretty sure they're not working together on Anti-Matter's plot to invade Paragon City; actually, they sound to me like bitter enemies. I'm not sure of exactly what's going on between them, but one thing is clear: wecan't have either one mucking about in Paragon City. We're going to have to deal with this situation head on.

Plant a dimensional scanner

Tina Macintyre

GUess what, Red Tomax! Anti-Matter and Neuron come from the same world! It seemed like they knew each other, so I had the technicians take another look at the data from Neuron's dimension. Despite Neuron's dimensional scrambler, we were able to match several distinguishing features with the data from anti-Mater's dimension. Both villains are from Upsilon Beta 9-6! Call me crazy, but I think Paragon City got caught in the middle of a power struggle between supervillains.

We're sending you to a remote corner of Upsilon Beta 9-6 to plant a network of dimensional scanners. That way we'll know ifanyone on that world opens a portal to this one, even if Anti-Matter gets his stealth technology working.

By the way, the techs have come up with a new name for Upsilon Beta 9-6. We're calling it 'Praetorian Earth'.

Here are the scanners. They feed off bioelectric energy, so you should find some animals to place them on.

ClueDimensional scanners

These Dimensional scanners should give Portal Corporation a heads-up on any activity between Praetorian Eart and your own dimension. Beacuse they feed on Bioelectric energy, they need to be placed on living beings.

Part 12: Defeat all villains in area
Instanced Outdoor [Perez Park] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

A sudden, shocking roar disrupts the tranquil forest.

Shadowhunter [Arch-Villain]
Infused with the fury of the Wild Hunt, Shadowhunter roams with his Pack, cutting down everything in his path. He loathes humanity for the most part and his alliance with Tyrant is an uneasy one at best. It is held together by the fact that Tyrant cares nothing for the wilderness and is happy to give it over to Shadowhunter. If Tyrant ever begins to strip the land for resources, things will quickly unravel.

Mission Complete: You planted the dimensional scanners.

Tina Macintyre

Those dimensional scaners should let us know if anybody from Praetorian Earth tries to enter our world again. I'm still mighty worried about Anti-Matter's attempt to invade our dimension. It sounds asif he might be geting close to a solution.

Stop Anti-Matter's invasion

Tina Macintyre

Red Tomax, those dimensional scanners you planted just went off! It looks as though a massive force of Praetorians just teleported into a lab here in Paragon City! I need you to get over there on the double, Red Tomax! This could be the beginning of Anti-Matter's invasion.

According to the data, there are overwhelming fordcesin that lab. I'd take a full team long, if I were you.

Part 13: Defeat all villains in lab (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

The silver Clockwork's electrical shots have set the air to crackling.

Objective: ou downloaded Anti-Matter's files.

ClueAnti-Matter's secret lab

YOu downloaded these files from a computer in Anti-Matter's secret lab. They docukment the fact that Anti-Matter has maintained a lab in Paragon City for several moths. His invasion was an effort to impress his leader, the all-powerful Tyrant, and to upstage his rival and former best friend, Neuron.

Neuron [Arch-Villain]
Neuron is the creation of his own twisted scientific experiment. He gave himself complete control over his body's nervous system. Once he and Anti-Matter worked together as friends but of late a rift has formed between them. Neuron's creation of Siege and the favour that garnered him with Tyrant is the primary cause of discord between them.
Anti-Matter [Arch-Villain]
Trapped within his powered armour, Anti-Matter used to be Tyrants primary scientific consultant. He and Neuron were once best of friends and created the Clockwork of Praetorian Earth together. Of late his theories have been more and more radical causing Tyrant to lean on Neuron for research and analysis. Unbeknownst to anyone Anti-Matter had cracked the Portal tech. He is waiting to reveal his breakthrough in order to garner favour from Tyrant and his true love, Dominatrix.

Mission Complete: You defeated Neuron and Anti-Matter!

Entrusted with the Secret
Awarded for completing the story arc
Tina Macintyre

Got bad news for you, Red Tomax. After the police got Neuron and Anti-Matter to jail, a portal opened inside their cell! They're on the loose again, although Portal Corporation thinks it's unlikely they're still in this world. Just think, Red Tomax. ANti-Matter's had a secret lab right here in Parago City, and no one even knew about it! These Praetorians are cunning and resourceful indeed. We'll certainly have to keep our eye on Praetorian Earth in the future. Who knows what other dangers it holds?

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