The Origins of the Snakes


Get away with an op under Arachnos' nose

Matthew Burke

I'm sure you kno wthat Arachnos like to think they own everything on this grubby little island. Well, they're wrong. for starters, the don't own me. And if you're smart, you won't let them own you either. So here, in the shadow of Fort Darwin, i'm asking you to help me get away with an operation right under Arachnos' nose. Think you can handle that?

I've been hired by an interested party to investigate the origins of the Snakes. Now, Arachnos doesn't want anybody but themselves knowing what goes on with those slimy little worms, but I happen to think that knowledge belongs to the person strong enough to grab it. So, I've picked out a snake hole for you to investigate. Bring me back a Snake skin, and we'll get to work.

Part 1: Bring back a Snake skin (Defeat Sithius and guards)
Cavern @ Mercy Island Snakes

You hear the scraping of scales on stone in the distance. Get a Snake skin and bring it back to Burke!

Objective: You defeated Sithius and his guards!

Mission Complete: You have a Snake skin!

ClueSnake skin

You collected the Snake skin that Matthew Burke requested, but you also found something else. The words of Sithius ech in your head: 'Almighty Stheno'. Who could this creature be?

Matthew Burke

Almighty Stheno? I don't know who or what that is, but I'd be willing to bet money it's important to the Snakes. Which means it's important to my client. Which means, Dread Tomax, it's important to you and me.

Learn more about Stheno

Matthew Burke

All right, Dread Tomax, I've tracked down a few rumours about this Stheno character. Apparently, she's the Snakes' leader. More than that, I've got a lead on a place where you may be able to learn more. It's another Snake den, so you'll want your heavy boots.

Whatever you learn, let me know as soon as possible. My client is getting angry.

Part 2: Defeat all Snakes (Seek clues)
Cavern @ Mercy Island

The air smells of Snake breath: damp and disgusting.

Objective: You found a book

ClueBook of Stheno

This ancient tome refers to Stheno, the sister of the Gorgon, Medusa. It seems she is the goddess worshipped by Mercy's Snakes. It speaks of a time when Stheno will return to spawn new and powerful progeny.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to Stheno's nature, and learned of one of her haunts!

ClueThe hatchery's location

One of the Snakes you defeated gasped:

'Leave me be! You will never learn of my lady'sss den from me!'

After a judicious interrogation, however, the Snake revealed the location of a Snake hatchery.

Matthew Burke

Nice work, Dread Tomax. Looks like we'll have to check otu this Snake hatchery. Could be we'll find something worth selling.

Check out the Snake hatchery

Matthew Burke

I can't say for certain whether we'll find Stheno at that hatchery, but I'd say it's worth looking. Be careful, Dread Tomax. If the reports about Medusa are to be believed, her sister won't be any pushover.

My client will want to know about everything you find.

Part 3: Defeat all Snakes in hatchery
Snake Hatchery @ Mercy Island

You hear a swift and sudden crack.

Mission Complete: You have cleared out the Snake hatchery, but found no sign of Stheno.

ClueSnake shell fragments

You recovered these Snake shell fragments from the Snake hatchery. Though you were unable to find the Gorgon Stheno, these fragments should be worth a lot to Burke's secretive client.

Matthew Burke

No signs of Stheno, eh? Well, them's the breaks, I guess. I guess my client will have to be content with these Snake shells. I just hope the information we've gathered on the Snakes doesn't get back to Arachnos. I'd hate to think we'd done all this work for their benefit.

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