Brawling with the Big Boys


Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Back Alley Brawler, Hero (Freedom Phalanx)

Take out the Back Ally Brawler

Crimson Revenant

Arachnos has learned that a member of the freedom phalanx is visiting Crimson Cove. Naturally, this can't be allowed to happen. Arachnos could give the job to their own Operative Rutger, but they know this one has to succeed. So, wisely, they have come to me. And, knowing your talents, I have come to you. Together, we can take out the Back Ally Brawler.

The Brawler is likely to be extremely well guarded, so we'll have to begin by creating a distraction. Get over to the Hellforge in Sharkhead Isle and steal some explosives. I'll fill you in on the rest of the plan after that.

Part 1: Steal explosives (5 crates to steal)
Instanced Outdoor [Hellforge] @ Sharkhead Isle Longbow,Freedom Phalanx

Sharkhead Isle looks dingier since your last visit.

Mission Complete: You have the explosives.

ClueCage Explosives

You stole these explosives from Cage security guards on Sharkhead Isle. They should prove valuable in creating a distraction that will let you get to the Back Ally Brawler.

Crimson Revenant

Excellent. My plan is all coming to fruition. Now, to create a distraction that will leave the Brawler unguarded. And then, to pounce!

Create a distraction

Crimson Revenant

We have the explosives. Now, to create a distraction!

You will plant the bombs at the base intended to receive the Back Alley Brawler. With any luck, we'll shake Longbo badly enough that they'll leave him entirely unguarded. Then, Dread Tomax, it'll be your chance to take him down.

Part 2: Create a distraction (6 explosives to plant)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Now, this is going to be fun.

Mission Complete: You have planted all the explosives.

Crimson Revenant

That base is a shambles. Longbow will have a scramble around to find another place well enough guarded to house their important visitor. And that should give you the opportunity you need.

Take down the Back Alley Brawler

Crimson Revenant

You've disabled the base that was intended to receive the Back Alley Brawler. That means he's vulnerable. He's just arrived on Liberty Isle. Take him down. I must warn you: the Brawler's no lightweight. Even I'd bring help along to deal with him.

This could start an international incident. I hope you're ready for the press.

Part 3: Defeat Back Alley Brawler & guards
Instanced Outdoor [Nerva Archipelago] @ Nerva Archipelago

To Longbow, Liberty Isle is an inspiration. To Arachnos, it is a festering sore.

Back Alley Brawler [Hero]
One of the most veteran heroes in Paragon City, the Brawler is in semi-retirement, training the next generation of heroes. Though he rarely goes into the field these days, his power and fighting skills are still as potent as ever.

Mission Complete: ?

Crimson Revenant

The Brawler has been beaten, Dread Tomax. Well done. Arachnos and I will deny involvement, of course. I imagine the Freedom Phalanx will want your head for this, but you can handle that, can't you? For now, perhaps we had better part ways. Nothing personal, but I don't want to be associated with you right now.

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