An Arachnos Ghost Story


Temporary Powers

Ghostslayer Rifle Ghostslayer Rifle
Ranged, Moderate DMG(Lethal)/Special vs. Ghosts

Check out the lab and bring Rauscher back

Veluta Lunata

We may have a problem with Special Operative Rauscher, the leader of the Arachnos lab tasked with investigating the Red Hands. Lataly, he's been erratic. Half the time he doesn't file his reports, and when he does, they're sketchy to say the least. Ghost Widow's concerned that Rauscher may be using Arachnos property for his own pursuits. I'd like you to check out the lab and bring Rauscher back to me. I think I can get the truth out of him.

My Marco knows tons of ways of getting to people's secrets. Don't you, darling?

Part 1: Defeat all ghosts in lab (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Port Oakes

You hear a howl that you swear could split the Earth.

Veluta Lunata

This doesn't look good for Rauscher. At a minimum, he's let his project get way out of hand. At worst, he's off on some crazy quest for power. We've got to find him, Dread Tomax. If we let him get away, Ghost Widow may well take her frustration out on both of us.

Check out Rauscher's second lab

Veluta Lunata

If we don't find Special Operative Rauscher, Ghost Widow will have both our heads. Fortunately, I've got an idea of where he may be. Rauscher maintained a secondary lab, where he kept most of the ghosts his men had captured. Not a lot of people know about it. It'd be a good place for him to hole up if he suspects trouble - which he should. Care to check it out?

I've already made my contingency plans, kid. If this thing goes sour, you're on your own against Ghost Widow.

Part 2: Defeat Operative Fowler & his men (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Port Oakes

You hear a rough voice whisper, 'I feel so strange'.

Objective: You found a disturbing file.

ClueDisturbing file

You found this file on Special Operative Rauscher's mainframe. It reads:

'The path to the spirit world has been arduous, but it has been worth the cost. My armies of spirits will serve me faithfully. Perhaps someday I can take on Recluse himself!'.

A set of coordinates indicates a set of sewer tunnels. Apparently, Rauscher's portal to the spirit world is right beneath Port Oakes!

Objective: Operative Fowler snarled, 'You'll never get your hands on Rauscher!'

ClueOperative Fowler's story

When you defeated Operative Fowler, he gasped:

'You'll never get your hands on Rauscher! He'll soon be beyond this world now!'

Mission Complete: You defeated Operative Fowler and gained a clue to Rauscher's location.

Veluta Lunata

So, Rauscher's in the spirit world, eh? If you're brave enough, we should go looking for him there. It's safer than facing Ghost Widow, I can assure you of that.

Follow Rauscher to the spirit world

Veluta Lunata

All right, Rauscher's in the spirit world, and we have to get him back. At all costs. According to that file you found, Rauscher has managed to open a portal to the spirit world inside a sewer tunnel over in Dockside. I need you to get there and see if you can follow him. It's the only way to save ourselves from Ghost Widow's wrath.

If you find him, let him know how displeased we are with his work. This should help. It's something I've developed to keep me safe from any sort of spectral interference.

The anti-spirit gun. Like it? Too bad, you only get 50 shots. And only 6 bombs. So make 'em count.

Ghostslayer Rifle Ghostslayer Rifle
Ranged, Moderate DMG(Lethal)/Special vs. Ghosts
Part 3: Defeat Rauscher and his men
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Port Oakes

The sewer access point is evidently Rauscher's portal to the spirit world! Arachnos will want to know about this.

Mission Complete: You defeated Special Operative Rauscher.

Veluta Lunata

So, Rauscher discorporated in the spirit world. That would be trouble, but luckily we've got that portal you found. That discovery ought to stem Ghost Widow's wrath. I hope. If you continue to work with me, you'll find that she can be a cruel taskmistress.

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