Retrieve talisman from Tsoo


Retrieve talisman from Tsoo

Archmage Tarixus

While few things tie me to this mortal plane, there are certain objects to which I am inextricably bonded. One such object was looted from Potter's Field by a grave-robber, taken from the Rogue Islands to Paragon City. There it has fallen into the hands of sorcerers from the Tsoo, who seek to unlock its secrets.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Go to Paragon City and retrieve my talisman from the Tsoo!

The Tsoo sorcerers are a bunch of upstarts, but can prove dangerous if they tap into the wrong powers.

Part 1: Retrieve talisman from Tsoo
Office @ Sharkhead Isle Tsoo

This building has been taken over by the Tsoo. Somewhere within lies the talisman of Tarixus.

Objective: You search the Tsoo

ClueTalisman of Tarixus

This is a strange metal disk etched with varius runes. The runes seem to shift as you watch them.

Mission Complete: You found the Talisman of Tarixus!

Archmage Tarixus

Ah, my talisman! I shall not let it fall into the wrong hands again!

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