The Puzzle Box


Temporary Powers

Spirit Potion Spirit Potion
Self Intangible

Deliver puzzle box to Hardcase

Archmage Tarixus

There is an enterprising mortal on St. Martial named Hardcase. He and I have come to an understanding, and often exchange favours. I would like to deliver an item to hi, and would like you to act as my emissary. Go to St. Martial and deliver this puzzle box to Hardcase.

St. Martial is a dangerous place to the uninitiated. While I can't guarantee your safety, i have concocted a Spirit Potion which will allow you to pass as an intangible entity through the more treacherous areas of St. Martial, unable to touch or be touched.

ClueOrnate Metal Cube

This is an ornate cube made of a silvery-green metal which is cold to the touch. It looks like a puzzle box.

Spirit Potion Spirit Potion
Self Intangible
Part 1: Deliver puzzle box to Hardcase
Delivery @ St. Martial

Tarixus sent you? Damn, this puzzle box is an evil little thing. More evil than you can handle, Dread Tomax.

You think you're bad? You don't know bad. There are things of a more primal evil than you can ever imagine. Look me up next time you're in St. Martial and maybe I'll show you a few of them.

Archmage Tarixus

The puzzle box is delivered? Excellent. I am glad to be rid of the vile artifact...

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