Recover Cage's stolen arms


Temporary Powers

Recover Cage's stolen arms

Vince Dubrowski

Hey, we got trouble. A Cage Consortium truck was hijacked! By Scrapyarders! Those little trouble-makers never learn. Worst thing is, that truck was carrying an arms shipment over to the Consortium Guards in the Pit. If we don't get it back, Cage's men are going to be gunned down - with their own guns! I need you to recover Cage's property and make sure the Scrapyarders regret taking it. Get it?

People like the Scrapyarders got to be smacked down and smacked down hard. Shipment was ambushed in the Pit, so start there.

Part 1: Defeat 10 Scrapyarders
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You defeated the Scrapyarders

ClueThe Scrapyarder's capitulation

One of the Scrapyarders you defeated gasped:

"We took the stuff to one of our safehouses. I'll tell you where! Just please don't hurt me!"

Part 2: Defeat all Scrapyarders in warehouse
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: You recovered the stolen weapons.

Vince Dubrowski

Great job, Dread Tomax. I hope you gave the Scrapyarders a few broken bones to remember you by. Is the whole shipment here? All of it? Good. Kirk Cage'll have my head if anything is missing.

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