Trust and Betrayal


Temporary Powers

Nullifier Gun Prototype Nullifier Gun Prototype
Foe -End, -Rec, Detoggle
Nullifier Gun Mk I Nullifier Gun Mk I
Foe -End, -Rec, Detoggle

Take out Lost Leader and crew

Lt. Demitrovich

Longbow has developed some rather ingenious devices in their attempts to contain super-powrered threats. Of course, Longbow is careful not to let such waepons fall into the wrong hands. But perhaps by gaining the trust of some high-ranking Longbow officer, we can acquire some of their new prototypes.

Captain Yushenko is the leader of Longbow forces here in Nerva Archipelago. She and I have a history, and I think if you can gain her trust, we can convince her to let us field-test some of these new anti-super weapons.

The first thing you need to do is gain her trust. You've been profiled as a high Threat Level villain, so there's no way you've ever going to get the trust of Longbow as a whole. however, yushenko has been known to employ 'freelancers' if it fits her needs. The Lost have been giving Longbow some trouble here in Crimson Cove. Do a strike on a Lost hideout and take out its leader. This'll go a long way towards establishing your usefulness to Yushenko.

Yushenko doesn't have mush tolerance for these zealots.

Part 1: Take out Lost leader and crew
Sewers @ Nerva Archipelago Arachnos,Longbow,Sky Raiders

The reek of the sewers assaults your nostrils.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Lost leader and crew!

Lt. Demitrovich

Nice job, Dread Tomax. This will go a long way towards establishing your usefulness to Yushenko.

Find and rescue Captain Yushenko

Lt. Demitrovich

Something has come up which we can use to our advantage. You know how you took down the Lost leader in the sewers? Well, the other Lost in the area retaliated by attacking a Longbow base and capturing Captain Yushenko herself! This is a great opportunity to gaiN yushenko's trust! Interrogate the Lost to find out where they've taken Captain Yushenko, then rescue her.

Yushenko was in pretty rough shape when they took her, so she's not likely to be of much help.

Part 2: Interrogate Lost on Crimson Cove (Defeat 20 Lost)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: Yuo piece together Yushenko's location from the Lost. She's being held in a warehouse in Crimson Cove!

Part 3: Rescue Yushenko from Lost (Rescue Yushenko!)

Somewhere in this warehouse is Yushenko. Find her!

Mission Complete: You rescued Captain Yushenko!

Lt. Demitrovich

You got her out of there? Perfect. She'll be much more compliant now.

Steal blueprints and components

Lt. Demitrovich

Captain Yushenko isn't the biggest fan of super-powered beings, whether they be heroes or villains. The fact of the matter is she thinks that they are a menace to society. She's been pushing to get hold of super anti-super technology from the Longbow research labs, but they keep making excuses, saying they need to do further testing before they deploy it. If you were to accelerate matters by 'acquiring' the Nullifier Gun from the Longbow research lab and performing some 'unofficial field tests', it would help yushenko get thoe guns in the hands of her agents faster.

Here's the location of the Longbow research lab. Break into the lab and steal the Nullifier Gun blueprints and components.

Once you get the blueprints and components, I'll pull some strings to get the Nullifier Gun assembled.

I'm managed to get access to one of the subs at Agincourt. It will take you to the underwater base.

Part 4: Steal blueprints and components
Underwater Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

You slip into the Longbow research lab using the access codes given by Demitrovich.

Objective: You found the components!

ClueNullifier Components

These are the components for the Nullifier Gun, a device capable of temporarily removing super-powers. You stole them from a Longbow research lab.

Objective: You found the blueprints!

ClueNullifier Blueprints

These are the blueprints for the Nullifier Gun, a device capable of temporarily removing super-powers. You stole them from a Longbow research lab.

Mission Complete: You got the Nullifier blueprints and components!

Lt. Demitrovich

Perfect. I'll get my men on this ASAP.

Steal electronic components

Lt. Demitrovich

My men have almost got the Nullifier Gun built from the blueprints and components you stole from the Longbow research lab. The problem is that some pieces in the design were incomplete, so we are lacking some vital components to make the prototype operational. According to Longbow intelligence, one of Dr. Aeon's labs has the electric components we need. Make a raid into the Aeon lab and steal the electronic components.

As always, Arachnos will be protecting the Aeon lab.

Part 5: Steal electronic components
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago

You slip into the Aeon lab. Within lies the electronic components you seek.

Objective: You found nothing.

Objective: You found the electronic components!

ClueElectronic Components

These are electronic components taken from one of Dr. Aeon's research labs. You plan to use thse to complete construction of the Nullifier Gun.

Mission Complete: You stole the electronic components!

Lt. Demitrovich

You have the components? Good! I'll get my men on construction of the Nullifier Gun!

Defat Lt. Krieg and crew

Lt. Demitrovich

We have the prototype Nullifier Gun ready, thanks to the blueprints you stole from the Longbow base and the electronics you stole from the Aeon lab. Now we just need to test it out on a worthy target. Let's keep Captain Yushenko in our good graces and coordinates another strike on a Longbow target. There's something that's going down in one of the warehouses of Crimson Cove. Longbow witnessed Lt. Krieg of the Sky raiders entering there with a bunch of backup. Take down Krieg.

Let me know how the Nullifier Gun prototype works. If this test proves successful, I might be able to arrange for Yushenko to grant you one of the production versions.

Nullifier Gun Prototype Nullifier Gun Prototype
Foe -End, -Rec, Detoggle
Part 6: Defeat Lt. Krieg and crew
Warehouse @ Nerva Archipelago

The warehouse smells of jet exhaust.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Lt. Krieg!

Lt. Demitrovich

I take it the field test was successful? Good! I'll pass the results on to Captain Yushenko.

Deliver Nullifier Gun to Arachnos

Lt. Demitrovich

Your theft and field-testing of the Nullifier Gun was successful. The word is that Longbow is panicking about having the device fall into the wrong hands! Yushenko is trying to settle things down, but Longbow internal security is breathing down her neck.

It is time for you an I to profit! I've managed to acquire the newly constructed Nullifier Gun Mk. I - a more effective version of the prototype you tested. Take the Nullifier Gun to an Arachnos operative in Sharkhead.

Yushenko is going to be upset about the loss of the device, but she'll have to deal with it.

Oh, and watch out for Longbow forces. They've targetted you as the culprit!

Nullifier Gun Mk I Nullifier Gun Mk I
Foe -End, -Rec, Detoggle
Part 7: Deliver Nullifier Gun to Arachnos
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Operative Kirkland

Ah, yes! I've been expecting you, Dread Tomax! This must be the Nullifier Gun you and Lieutenant Demitrovich managed to acquire from those fools at Longbow. Now that we have the gun it will serve as a potent weapon against Longbow forces in the Rogue Isles.

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! Arachnos approves of your work!

Lt. DemitrovichExcellent work. Arachnos is quite pleased by the Nullifier Gun.
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