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Steal the Longbow info

Darla Mavis

There was a time, Dread Tomax, when I could soar through the skies. No longer. I lost that abiloty, and many others, to friendly fire from a Sapper rifle back when I was working for Longbow. I'd give just about anything to have my powers back, and it looks like I may get the chance. According to my sources, Longbow's been doing research into the effects of Sapper powers ever since my accident. I guess they want to prevent a similar injury from affecting one of their new puppets, but I think I'm the most worthy beneficiary of their knowledge. ,em>I want that info, Dread Tomax. If there's anything there that can help me, I deserve to know.

Longbow wrote me off after I couldn't use my powers anymore. It's time they paid for that.

Part 1: Steal the Sapper research (3 files to find)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago Arachnos,Longbow,The Lost

The information Darla wants will be valuable, and not just to her. You have to wonder: if sapped powers can be restored, can new powers be granted?

Objective: You found some notes on the most talented scientists know to Longbow.

ClueInformation on scientists

This directory lists the most talented genetic scientists known to Longbow. Many are working with the hero group, but a few, like Dr. Sebastian Rossi, have made other alliances. The directory lists Dr. Rossi as a current member of the Lost. A pity, since he was the only scientist to have even moderate success with the restoration of lost powers.

Objective: You found some data on powers drained by Sapper weapons.

ClueData on drained powers

This bland report is not very promising. In every case dicussed, super-powered beings whose powers were drained by Sappers were completely unable to recover. There is, howeer, a footnote, referring to the moderately successful but widely declaimed efforts of a Dr. Sebastian Rossi.

Objective: You fond some data on recent experiments in genetic mutation.

ClueData on genetic experiments

According to this report, Longbow has done some research into inducing powers in those who lost their own due to Sapper weapons. The results were discouraging to say the least: beings whose powers were drained were even less responsive to genetic enhancement than average human beings. the writer theroizes that this may have to do with the subjects' already supernormal physiques.

Mission Complete: You have taken the information Darla wants.

Darla Mavis

It looks like this Dr. Sebastian Rossi may have the answers I need. If his brain hasn't been completely addled by Shift, that is. He better hope he can help me; if my hopesa re dashed again, someone's going to have to pay.

Extract Dr. Rossi from the Lost

Darla Mavis

This Dr. Sebastian Rossi may be a long shot. Heck, he may be a basket case. But he's the only chance I've got at reclaiming my powers. I need you to go to the sewers and see if you can extract Rossi from among the Lost. And if he doens't want to come, tough cookies.

When I've got my powers back, everything will be different. I'll really make my mark on this world then.

Part 2: Defeat all Lost in sewer (Find Dr. Rossi)
Sewers @ Nerva Archipelago

Missions in the sewers have always been beneath you. A time will come when the world will understand that.

Objective: Leader Fred sighed, 'You win. you villains, you always win'.

ClueLeader Fred's story

After you defeated him, the Lost's leader sighed, 'You win. You villains, you always win. Juts like that Arahcnos guy, Aeon. Beat us up. Took Rossi away. There was nothing we could do. There's never anything we can do.

Rossi was working on something speical. Mutate-O-Tron. That's why Arachnos wants him.'

Mission Complete: You didn't find Dr. Rossi, but at least you found a clue to his location.

Darla Mavis

Aeon's got Rossi, huh? Not surprising. I'm sure he's more than a little intrigued by the good doctor's efforts at inducing super powers. Looks like you'll be making a little visit to Aeon City, Dread Tomax. Think they'll recognize you around there?

Get Dr. Rossi

Darla Mavis

Dr. Sebastian Rossi may not be able to restore my original powers, but if his pungent friends among the Lost are to be believed, he may be able to induce new ones. Trouble is, he's in the hands of Dr. Aeon. I think someone had better pry those hands apart. I want Rossi, Dread Tomax, and I want him now. Do your stuff.

It seems like eons ago that I could summon the shadows to do my bidding. Help me become as powerufl as I was then, and you will have a friend for life.

Part 3: Free Dr. Rossi
Arachnos base @ Cap au Diable

Mission Complete: Dr. Rossi's Mutate-O-Tron fires up. It makes a tremendous amount of noise, but ultimately does nothing.

ClueThe Mutate-O-Tron

After you liverated Dr. Sebastian Rossi from Arachnos you took a look at his opus, the Mutate-O-Tron. You'd be surprised if this hunk of junk could even warm up a pizza, much less induce super powers.

Darla Mavis

So, no powers for me. Between the Shft he got from the Lost and his treatment under Aeons' guards, Rossi's so addled he doens't know which end is up. He actually believes that stupid device of his works! You should listen to him talk about how he gave you your powers!

This has been a waste of my time, Dread Tomax, and I don't much care for that. From here forth, we're through. Get out of here!

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