Aurora Fades


Notable Foes

Take out a hero

Darla Mavis

If we're going to work together, you have to understand one thing: I am not interested in being friends with you. You represent all that I've lost, and the only reason we're having this pleasant conversation is that we can help each other. I can get you the goods on certain 'hero' types travelling in the Rogue Isles. You can take them out. You get to build your reputation and make a little cash, and I get some sense of... vindication? Solace? I enjoy it, anyway. That's all I know.

I've learned that some sort ogf super-powered do-gooder is coming to the Rogue Isles shortly. I don't care who it is or why they're here; I just want them taken down. The first step is to find out more about the visit. You better start scouring the streets. Crimson Cove is the place to go.

Part 1: Investigate Crimson Cove (Defeat 10 Longbow)
Defeat X @ Nerva Archipelago Longbow

Mission Complete: One of the Longbow agents you defeated was carrying some orders.

ClueTravel Orders

You stol these orders from a Longbow agent in Crimson Cove. They read:

'You have been selected as a member of the special detail tasked with protecting Aurora Borealis during her pending visit. Strickest security measures are in effect; no one outside of Longbow can learn of this assignment.'

Darla Mavis

So, the hero coming to Nerva is Aurora Borealis. I knew her as Sister Psyche a few years ago, before she regained control of her own body and before I lost my powers. She was a self-righteous priss then, and I doubt she's improved much. I want to tear her down.

Get information about Aurora's arrival

Darla Mavis

Aurora Borealis is coming to Nerva Archipelago, and while she's here I intend to throttle her pretty little neck. But we need to know where she's coming, and when. Sounds like a job for Dread Tomax, eh? I want you to find out about Aurora's arrival from one of the Longbow bases in Hero Heights. Only problem is, you'll have to defeat everyone inside to nsure no one warns her off.

Yes, I used to work alongside Aurora Borealis. That was before one of my 'teammates' robbed me of my powers and left me to this pitiful existence, paying scum like you for the merest scraps of vengeance.

Part 2: Defeat all Longbow agents (Get info about Aurora's arrival)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

In Hero Heights, it appears, Longbow occasionally forgets to lock the door.

Objective: You have the information about Aurora's visit.

ClueLongbow e-mail

You downloaded this e-mail from a Longbow computer. It reads:

'Upon arrival, Aurora Borealis will address the Corps at Liberty Isle. Please have everyone ready to receive her.'

Mission Complete: You found the information you sought and eliminated all witnesses.

Darla Mavis

You've done it! We now know exactly where Aurora's arriving -- at Liberty Isle! Now all that's left is to take her down.

Take down Aurora

Darla Mavis

According to the info you stole, Aurora's just arrived at Liberty Isle. Now, don't blow this, Dread Tomax. For me, all this is a chance to make sure Paragon City doesn't forget the Dark Maverick. I guess a decent shrink would say there's nothing here for me but the past. But for you, this is a shot at a bright future. Take down Aurora Borealis, and everyone will want you working for them. We're talking big money, and a rep that's certaqin to get Arahnos on your side. So take her down, Dread Tomax. Take her down hard.

She won't go down easy, so bring back up. When you come back, I'm going to want details.

Part 3: Defeat Aurora Borealis
Instanced Outdoor [Liberty Isle] @ Nerva Archipelago

It wasn't easy to sneak in here unnoticed. Security is tight for Aurora's arrival.

Objective: Aurora Borealis gasped, 'You've beaten me. Truly, I fear for this world.'

ClueAurora's last words

When you defeated her, Aurora Borealis gasped, 'You've beaten me. Truly, I fear for this world: a world that rewards evil like yours. I only hope someday you'll receive your just deserts.'

Aurora Borealis [Hero]
Before the Rikti War, Aurora Scott was just a fledgling hero doing her best for the city she loved. Afterward, she was something else entirely. Aurora played host to Sister Psyche's mind after the Freedom Phalanx heroine was injured in the war. After gladly sacrificing her autonomy so that Sister Psyche could continue to serve, Aurora's just now returning to her own life. And she's got a few bones to pick with the villains who flourished in her absence.

Mission Complete: You defeated Aurora Borealis!

Darla Mavis

To be honest, I thought I would feel elated when I learned you'd defeated Aurora. I thought I would, bt I guess I was wrong. Al I feel is... hollow. But at least I won't be forgotten by Paragon City's heroes. Not any more. And neither will you, Dread Tomax. They'll be gunning for you now. Hope you've got a good dentist.

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