Steal Citadel's plans and take them to the Council


Steal Citadel's plans

Diviner Maros

A great event is coming into being, Dread Tomax, but it needs a guiding hand. Are you aware of the android hero who styles himself Citadel? He is a creation unrivaled in this time. But in a short while, he will not be. His technology is already in evil hands: those of the Sky Raiders. But their use of it is disappointing at best. You must steal the plans for his technology from a Sky Raider base, then take it to those who can profit most from it. The Council. They will pay us well, and put into motion events that will have consequences far beyond our own present.

The lives this scheme will touch and change number in the thousands, Dread Tomax. First you will have stolen the plans, but then you will discover that Longbow has learned of this, and seek to ambush you. They will have taken the Council base by the time you get there, but I trust you'll be able to handle yourself once you arrive.

Part 1: Steal Citadel's plans
Laboratory @ Sharkhead Isle Sky Raiders

You have to wonder how the Sky Raiders got their hands on tech like Citadel's.

Objective: You found the plans.

CluePlans for Citadel

You recovered these plans from a secret Longbow base. They show how to replicate the technology of Paragon City's android hero, Citadel

Mission Complete: You stole the plans for Citadel's technology!

Part 2: Take plans to Council
Council Base @ Sharkhead Isle Longbow

It seems Longbow has learned of your theft. They have preceded you here!

Mission Complete: You defeated the Longbow agents and passed the plans along to the Council. What will happen now, only Maros can say.

Diviner Maros

The Council has the plans. Excellent. Soon, their work will begin. Soon, heroes will be dispatched by the android Citadel. Soon, one of those heroes will arrive at his destiny. And you, Dread Tomax, have brought me closer to mine.

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