Steal the Scroll of Tielekku


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Steal an artifact from cultists

Diviner Maros

There is a matter I will need to have had your assistance with. It's a small thing, a minor theft of a precious artifact from the insane cultists of mad gods, who now defend this treasure with a religious fervor. Stealing it and delivering it into my hands will set up a chain of events whose final effects will be beyond your sight, but will lead to the eventual destruction of those cultists.

So are you interested in a little theft?

I knew you would agree. The item in question is called 'The Scroll of Tielekku'. It's a valuable artifact of a lost goddess. The enemies of that goddess now plan to use it to trap her. I want it so that I can surreptitiously place it in the estate of a late member of the old Midnight Squad.

But that doesn't matter, really. I don't care if you sneak through without alerting any of their dead souls. I don't care if you wipe out every last cultist and zombie in the place. All I want is the scroll. The details are yours to determine.

Part 1: Steal Scroll of Tielekku (Steal the scroll)
Abandoned office @ Sharkhead Isle Banished Pantheon

Maros is a strange one, but his information about the location of this

Objective: You found the scroll within the reliquary.

ClueThe Scroll of Tielekku

This ancient papyrus scroll is simply breathtaking. The central picture shows a powerful woman seated on a throne of gold, surrounded by faded pictograms. It would take an expert in esoteric lost languages to decipher these markings.

Mission Complete: You stole the scroll of Tielekku

Diviner Maros

I must commend you, the Scroll is in perfect condition. I'll handle dropping clues to its new location through other agents, I don't want to try your patience.

It's curious that the Cult of the Banished Pantheon is not more common in the isles. I think it's jealousy, really. Recluse probably wants no one worshipping anything other than himself.

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